Protección cutánea por su pH ligeramente ácido, que asegura el efecto antiséptico y respeta el manto hidrolipídico de la piel. GERMISDIN PIEL SECA CC. Entre las dos primeras se encuentra situado el manto hidrolipídico de la piel, y es aquí donde queremos profundizar, ya que los cuidados de la. Crema Hidratante. Restaura el manto hidrolipidico de la piel.

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Skin protection for its acid pH, physiological ensures the antiseptic effect and respects the mantle hydrolipidic Preventive hygiene in situations of risk, such as swimming pools, gyms, or people in contact with sick For skin normal. Germisdin is a substitute acid soap ve hand washing, aseptic skin and hair.

It has an acid pH to the skin which ensures the antiseptic effect, with a level of irritation epidermal very low. Respects the mantle hydrolipidic of the skin. Germisdin can be used as shampoo, leaving the scalp clean and free of microorganisms, leaving the hair soft, bright and easy to comb. Your email address will not be published. Pharmacy and pharmacy online. Bathroom and toiletriesBeautyCategoriesPersonal cleanlinessOther products.

Description Customer reviews of Additional information Reviews 0 Description Germisdin is a substitute hidorlipidico soap for hand washing, aseptic skin and hair.

Skin protection for its acid pH, physiological ensures the antiseptic effect and respects the mantle hydrolipidic Preventive hygiene in situations of risk, such as swimming pools, gyms, or people in contact with sick For skin normal Dermatologically tested More than hygiene, protection Frequently bought together.

Germisdin Higiene Corporal Piel Secaml.

Consejos para lucir una piel radiante

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