MANSABDARI SYSTEM Discuss the evolution of Mansabdari system under Akbar. The Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar and as a system and. I must also reiterate that this system wasnt exclusively Akbar’s ‘creation’ as generally believed, it was part of an evolutionary process of administrative reforms. The mansabdari system, introduced by Akbar, is a standout feature of the Mughal administration. Under this system, every officer of the Mughal empire was.

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The mansabdari system, introduced by Akbar, is a standout feature of the Mughal administration. The lowest rank in the system was 10 whereas the highest was for the nobles.

It was a grading system used by the Mughals to decide rank, salary and military responsibilities. The ranks were divided into two, namely zat and sawar. Zat fixed the personal status of a person and the salary due to him. The sawar rank implied the number of cavalrymen or sawar a mansabdar was required to maintain.


For every ten cavalrymen, the mansabdar had to maintain twenty horses. The mansabdars got their salaries in terms of revenue assignments called jagirs.

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Mansabdar – Wikipedia

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Mansabdari System in Mughal Administration

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Mansabdari System

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