Makiwara Training plus articles and information on Martial-Arts. “Makiwara training was originated in Okinawa and is part of their culture. It is an essential part of old style Okinawa Karate. Very few do this type. This makiwara stands in the garden of the main dojo I practice in. of using a makiwara (especially #4), there are people who say that makiwara training is bad !.

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You can do both makiwaraa simultaneously, of course, but it is a bit easier to explain and less difficult to practice when broken into component parts. Don’t have an account yet? He establishes the criticism with the experience 25 year of practice. At the moment of impact everything should be locked down. First, it is important to understand what a makiwara is not; it is not simply a piece of wood meant to toughen your hands and feet!

This job has given him a unique opportunity to appreciate violence in trainong myriad of forms.

Strikes should start out relatively light, and increase in power as you become stronger and more acclimated to the training.

A chunk of old puzzle mat tied to the makiwara with my obi belt for extra padding. The makiwara needs to be flexible in order to operate properly. It should retain sufficient flexibility to absorb blows and possess adequate padding. Along with his crew, he has witnessed, interceded in, and stopped or prevented hundreds of fights, experiencing all manner of aggressive behaviors as well as the escalation process that invariably precedes them.

Makiwara training is more destructive than useful

The bruises lasted over a month. Do not fully extend and lock your arm, however, as you may damage your elbow joint. Practice each technique slowly and smoothly, keeping the resistance from spoiling your form.

This, of course, assumes that you have already learned how to properly strike soft targets, like hand-held pads or punching bags, with good technique. This thickening of the skin protects the fingers, allowing extended play without discomfort. Log in Remember Me?


Proper alignment is teaining, especially when punching something solid. This can be done with a heavy bag, to a point, but because yraining makiwara is a spring it will resist more strongly as you are able to hit it harder, while the heavy bag will swing away more and thus, resist you less the harder you hit it. The trick is to work on your kime or focus, delivering techniques with proper body alignment, quickness, and power such that you transmit the full force of your body and all your energy at the moment of impact.

A makiwara is a wooden post used for striking, and its name comes from the padding that was traditionally used for the striking areas, which was made of bundles of rice straw wrapped with rice rope. Be sure to practice techniques from static stances as well as when moving toward and away from the makiwara from various angles.

The only time I’ve ever been sucker-punched was at a college fraternity party more than 20 years ago. Yes, that can happen. Try tate tsuki standing fistshuto uchi sword handshotei uchi palm heeltetsui uchi hammerfisturaken tsuki backfistkoken makisara wrist strikefuri uchi swing strikehiji ate elbow strikehiza geri knee strikemae geri front kickyoko geri side kickand so on.

Makiwara training is not usually something that can be jumped into without any preparation, because it can injure you if you strike it incorrectly, or too hard.

An Introduction to Makiwara Training

This article discusses all aspects of Markiwara Training. A completely vertical makiwara can still work, provided it can flex. Nakazato Shugoro Shorinkan founder punching his makiwara—note the flex of the makiwara. This is not caused by the board breaking but rather by it flexing with alacrity. One autumn day, when I was about 20 years old, standing in front of a chestnut tree, I thought to myself: But as I advanced, my way of thinking changed.

The important lesson from this experience is that size and strength alone mean little in a fight if you do not know how to punch or kick correctly. So for that reason you may want to punch a makiwara instead. Google him and you’ll find his schedule for seminars and where he teaches and such.


These same principles can be applied using a makiwara in your solo training. Lack of variety in shotokan kata Sip Su Application?

This is how two of the makiwara at my dojo are built, as is my own personal makiwara. Everything makiiwara increasing the chance of arthritis in the hands to crippling them all together.

The Makiwara – Thoughts, Ideas and Quotes

For those of you who practice Korean martial arts the terminology used there is dallyon joo, which translates as “forging post. Fa jing means explosive or vibrating power. Clearly, the Okinawans had a specific need that they were trying to fill in their training by developing this tool. Safety Tips Be sure that no pre-existing arthritic conditions, fractures, or other hand or foot injuries exist before training on the makiwara.

However, I know many with arthritis and do not do Makiwara training with hips and knees replaced. At the stadium where I work security I have witnessed several instances where a skilled martial artist broke or dislocated his attacker’s arm using a traditional block, ending the confrontation without the need to throw an offensive blow. If the board is too thin you get too much whipping motion from the extra weight at the top and not enough resistance for correct action.

With respect to the makiwara, for example, it is not the criticism of a person that merely reasons without ever practicing.

Makiwara Training Guide

There are two primary ways to use a makiwara-slow work and impact work. With this in mind, I recorded the brief video, above, to go over some basics. Being able to strike while moving is very important in a real fight. This is evident when you study a bit of acupuncture or shiatsu.