Here are 16 exercises you can start incorporating into your training program from Grant Weeditz, body architect at Anatomy in Miami, FL. Macebell exercises will do more for you than just make you strong, they’ll awaken the ancient warrior that lives within you. Use these 3 to get. If you’ve never tried steel mace training, then it’s time to give macebells a go. Exercising with a steel mace has many fitness-related benefits.

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Mace training can be part of a well-rounded fitness program; one in which that makes you feel healthy and strong. Personally, as I age within the industry, my desire to achieve a balance of exerciwes far outweighs aesthetics. I personally enjoy adding in a lot of pull-up variations; deadlifts and bottoms-up kettlebell work into my training programs.


The Surprising Benefits of Club Training for Strength – BarBend

With the mace, the majority of the weight is at the end of the mace handle, which forces activation macebel, the muscles in the hands, wrists and forearms…the lower the grip on the handle, the more challenging it becomes. I have always had a healthy range of shoulder mobility most likely stemming from a combination of genetics and a background in gymnastics and swimming.

I recently started to compete in kettlebell sport long-cycle this past year. With my current training load and the amount of jerks I perform, macfbell health is key!

The mace is the perfect compliment to any athlete that jerks or snatches. Not only does it help to swing a mace as part of a warm-up, it can also aid in recovery.

Your abdominal muscles are challenged with every mace move. Just simply pick up a mace and you immediately feel their activation. Check out the video below.


Mace flows have become very popular in recent years, while mace competitions have macebll popping up in conjunction with kettlebell competitions over this past year. The mace is certainly here to stay. Leave your comment below or on this facebook post here.

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The Benefits Of Mace Training

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