Die DC/DS Senderlinie bringt neue Möglichkeiten und Verbesserungen der einzelnen Anwenderprogrammierung aufgrund Lua Programmiersprache. Ich wollte mich schon länger mal mit [b]LUA[/b] befassen, bin aber nie richtig zu meiner Frage:Kann man [b]LUA[/b] mit. Lua is an easy and elegant programming language that is recorded as the fastest interpreted language on many benchmarks and proven.

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Neue Features, wie z. These can be installed, uninstalled and updated with a few simple steps.

Hinweise zur Programmiersprache Lua

The apps are stored at a single repository on the jetimodel. We will check the app and publish it afterwards. Each line contains a description of a single application.

The data are separated by a semicolon, the format is as follows:. Usage of these applications is at the sole responsibility of each user. Den ganzen Text zeigen.


DC/DS-24 Lua Programming API für Entwickler

The main application file with the extension. We prefer compiled applications. No global variables are allowed in the application due to possible collisions while running multiple applications at the same time.

If you are using other software libraries that make a part of the application, place them in a folder with the same name as the application filename. Each application is independent and shared application libraries are not supported. An application archive must contain the Apps.

An application archive should also contain a simple HTML programimersprache and an application icon. We highly recommend this. An application license should support free distribution through the Internet. If the license is not present, this is automatically assumed. The data are separated by a semicolon, the format is as follows: The links are in JSON format and must refer to the relative path.

Vergleich LUA mit anderen Programmiersprachen

In this case, the Horizon. Comma-separated list of files and folders that are included in the application. The relative path to the application icon.