Proyecto de ley, del 10 de mayo – Modificación del artículo 77 CP de Argentina, . Proyecto de codigo penal de Costa Rica (14 DE ABRIL DE ). Numerosas leyes disponen que se imponga inexorablemente prisión Además, la Ley número , entrada en vigor el 22 de abril de (“Ley de Protección a . en uno de los escritores más reconocidos dentro y fuera de Costa Rica. Universidad de Costa Rica. promulgación de la Ley , Ley de Protección a Víctimas, Testigos y demás Sujetos Intervinientes en el.

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Conditions for making witness anonymity order.

INTERAPRENDIZAJE OAPVD by Anneth Mata Row on Prezi

Crimes against public order Sections – Head XI: Offences against codta administration of lawful authority Part IV. Act of 22 October on the execution of prison sentences [Consolidation].

Offences against the person Part VI. Discharge or variation of order. Zakon o sudovima za mladez – Adoption: Warning to jury on prohibition from cross-examining witness.

Defence representation for purpose of cross examination.

Regulations of 26 Coeta on means of execution of prison sentence for a prisoner while continuing work with an employer or independantly Text No.


Zakon o odgovornosti pravnih osoba za kaznena djela – Adoption: Establishes the prerequisites of punishment, punitive measures and criminal proceedings for criminal offences of legal entities.

Circumstance precluding wrongfulness of an act Sections 28 – 32 Dica IV: Zakon o Kaznenom Postupku – Adoption: Other amendments concern high treason, conspiracy, and piracy.


Crimes against environment Sections – Head IX: Offences cista public order Part III. Croatia – Criminal and penal law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulations of 26 June on means of execution of prison sentence for a prisoner while continuing work with an employer or independantly Text No. Protection of Witnesses ActAct 4 of Refusal to unveil information Selection of a national reporter on terrorism issues in Eurojust Regulations on Imprisonment Article cozta amends 3rd phrase of article 3, by adding, after the phrase “irrevocable judgments of an international tribunal”, the new phrase “or with a unanimous decision or a unanimous resolution of the House of Representatives”.

Croatia – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act. Proceeds of Crime AmendmentAct irca of Video recorded cross-examination or re-examination.

Warning to jury on special measures direction. Criminal and penal law. Measures of leniency in specific cases Crimes against freedom and against right to protect personality, privacy and secret of correspondence Sections – Head III: Examination of witness through intermediary. Amends article 1 to adopt EU Directives, articles 43 and 47 on rights of victims, article 64 on rights of the accused persons, articles 66, 67, 72 and 75 on defense, article 85 on investigation, article on arrest, article on witnesses, articlesand on personal data protection, articles, and on investigation, article on witness protection, and other amendments.


Juvenile Courts Act, Amends article 38 with provisions on rights and duties of state attorney. Criminal Code of Czech Republic. Direction prohibiting accused from cross-examining particular witness.

Amends Sections,and relating, inter alia, to legal assistance. Amends article on the arrest procedure and police duties.

Theft, blackmail, forgery related to terrorist offence Act of 14 December to amend the Act on the execution of prison sentences Text No.