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It now has an more generic-looking roof, IE not the Danish-looking steps on the original roof and contains furniture, a bakery, apartment and even a model railroad on the top floor! Also, the garage has been enlarged and enclosed with ‘iron’ gates. This model features two 16×32 base plates on which to legk, much like the original Market Street.

It even comes with a little open-top roadster! I was trying to go with a more dilapidated look, like something you’d find next to the Haunted House I modified. I was aiming for a neighborhood that might have fallen on hard times, but it heading for a brighter future with the reopened Bakery located in this building.

We will be working our way from the ground up to the top floor, with auto I promised earlier being last on the list, as it’s a separate part of the building, although it fits in the garage. The bakery is on this floor.

Instructions for 10190-1 – Market Street

You can’t see it, but there is a refrigerator along the back wall, and a steam heater in instructiobs left corner. From here on we shift the view to a top-down look for the building I hope that’s okay. It contains a couch, a gas stove instructuons stolen from the Haunted House and a lamp on a shelf with drawers. This is the bedroom with the micro model railway, a Twin-size bed and a cabinet. The bed is a design based on the one in Lgo Market Village, while the cabinet is another Fire Brigade design.


The model railway is borrowed from one of my other non-modular buildings, but it is my design. I can’t find it anymore. In my opinion i don’t like the use of the jail dors in the garage, and the litle croissant is not enough to anounce the bakery. Maybe a bigger sign with ldgo croissants, bread, baguettes, cookies.

And if you put a door in the lateral wall of the second floor, you could make use of the balcony. I agree, nice digital design there ‘Murdoch17’ I like the idea of a garage.

Market Street LEGO Sets & Packs for sale | eBay

The roof structure above the garage and the townhouse look good. I don’t mind the Dutch architecture of the original, but I really didn’t care for it that much either, especially compared to the other modulars.

This fits in a lot istructions smoothly. I don’t love the medium blue building with the medium blue awnings above the upper windows. But then again, I just don’t really care for medium blue for some reason. I’d consider having a rear entrance behind the bakery for access to the garage and since all the other modulars minus CC have a rear exit.

Here is the LDD file: This legp very nice!

I really like the 16 wide modulars, your’s reminds me of a 16 wide with a garage. I may have to build this someday, though I think I would turn the garage into an open air market. You need to be a member in kego to leave a comment. Sign up leego a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted March 12, edited. I revamped the Market Street Modular building set from Rear view showcasing the rear garage door and exposed brickwork on the main building.


Rear of the car. I was going with a Roaring 20’s idea when I redid the design for this auto. What do you think of what I did?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. But the way it is, i couldn’t do better! Edited March 12, by BCanilho. Posted March 12, Posted March 13, The car is superb, although how long is that?

It looks great though. Posted March instructikns, edited.

LEGO Factory 10190 Assembly Instructions Manual

Posted January 22, Hi all, A friend asked me to create instructions for this great mod because he cannot run LDD. Once done, I’ll post here! Take a look here in Dutch, but easy to translate using Google for some preliminary images.

Posted January 25, Posted January 25, edited. Create an account or sign in to comment Lnstructions need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a lnstructions account in our community. Register a new account.

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