LABOUCHERE’S AMENDMENT TO THE CRIMINAL. LAW AMENDMENT BILL. THE 1 lth clause of the Criminal Law Amendments Act (48 & 49 Vic. cap. The Labouchere Amendment to the Criminal Law Amendment Act in the United Kingdom was named after the Member of Parliament who introduced it to . In the Victorian era, common wisdom held that women were passive, sexually innocent beings who did not initiate sexual contact, while men possessed a lustful.

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As originally drafted this measure was designed in the words of its title to make further provision for the protection of women and girls, the suppression of brothels and other purposes and it was brought in by the Government as the direct result of a powerful press campaign carried on by the Liberal labouchrre W. Homosexuality in Wmendment Britain Section Two: However, in the eighteen century the judiciay went by laws passed by the Tudor monarchs.

After going through all stages in the Lords, laboucher bill went to the Commons, where it was referred to a committee of the whole house after passing its second reading. The Attorney-GeneralRichard Websterwhile supporting the amendment, objected to the leniency of the sentence, and wanted to increase the penalty to two years’ hard labour.

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Section 11 was repealed and re-enacted by section 13 of the Sexual Offences Actwhich in turn was repealed by the Sexual Offences Lahoucherewhich partially decriminalized homosexual behaviour. Wilde was given the most severe sentence possible under the act, which the judge described amenvment “totally inadequate for a case such as this”.

July 291: Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your access to the most informative and considered journalism in the UK. British legislation, on close examination, was archaic and highly ambivalent in respect to any kind of homosexual category. Views Read Edit View history. One member questioned whether Labouchere’s amendment had anything to do with the original intent of the bill – sex crimes relating to young women and prostitution. In comparison, Continental states wmendment to tolerate a burgeoning scientific discourse on the matter.


Everyone knew that such things took place, but the law only punished acts against public decency or conducted tending to the corruption of youth.

This legislation dealt indirectly with homosexuality in Great Britain. He argued for the Grecian pederastyand claimed that the modern era could rethink its values.

But the SpeakerArthur Peelresponded that under procedural rules any amendment was permitted as long as Parliament permitted it. It consolidated provisions related to offences against the person an expression which, in particular, includes offences of violence from a number of earlier statutes into a single Act.

For instance, France had decriminalized sex between consulting adult males with the implementation of the Codes Napoleon Speaker Arthur Peel responded that under procedural rules any amendment was permitted as long as Parliament permitted it. The Speaker having ruled that anything could be introduced by leave of the House, the clause was agreed to without any further discussion, the only amendment moved being one by Sir Henry James with the object of increasing the maximum punishment from twelve to twenty-four months, which was also agreed to without discussion.

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However, since there was no actual witness of any such act nor evidence of semen on their posterior regions, the charges were dropped. The Act had removed the capital indictment for sodomy, but retained the archaic Buggery Act of as the basis for legislation. Such conduct in public was, and always had been, punishable at common law.

Frank Harrisa contemporary, wrote that Labouchere proposed the amendment to make the law seem “ridiculous” and thus discredit it in its entirety; some historians agree, [ which?

Henry LabouchereLiberal MP for Northamptonhad been a diplomat; he now was the founding editor of Truth magazine, which had its selling point in exposing corruption and degeneration. Part of the common law series. Even the addition of Clause 11, without debate, to the Criminal Law Amendment Act in did not, as historians claim, create a legal definition of a homosexual type that then, lzbouchere turn, constructed notions of this type to amongst the public.


Turing was pardoned posthumously by Queen Elizabeth II in Even the legislation controlling males soliciting males in only classified the guilty as vagabonds and rogues, along with pimps, dossers, beggars and female prostitutes. The pre-existing legislation was based on the statue against sodomy with mankind or beast and had been modified in laboucherr course of the nineteenth century.

Added to the Act at the last minute, it was rushed through and passed on August 7, becoming Section II of the Act.

The first of these changed the requirements of evidence in sodomy trials from penetration and emission in the body to penetration only.

The legislation accommodated the sexual lifestyles of men who, as long as they conducted their various and consenting sexual acts in private and the sexual encounter numbered no more than two persons, would not be prosecuted. The Buggery Act remained the basis of legislation for prosecuting acts of anal sex between men until The law regarding soliciting was changed inmaking it possible to prosecute someone for importuning a homosexual offence.

Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. Amnedment introduction amendmen Clause 11 in did ensure a catch-all of sexual acts between males. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your subscription.

Stead against juvenile prostitution and white slavery. Mathematicianlogiciancryptanalystand early computer scientist Alan Turing was investigated for alleged violations of the Labouchere Amendment when the police discovered a male lover at his house after Turing reported a petty theft.

This ambivalence in the legal anendment up to defiles the medico-legal analysis of a purposive, legislative categorization of the homosexual. You are currently logged out. Petty treason Capital murder Felo de se. The other purpose was met by the ineffably awful clause XI, the Labouchere amendment, which made illegal all types of sexual activity between males not just sodomy, as hithertoand irrespective of either age or consent.