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Swiss playwright and essayist whose controversial plays are linked to the theatre of the absurd. He saw that pure tragic is impossible proomessa this grotesque time, but “we can achieve the tragic out of comedy.

The family moved to Bern in when his father became chaplain at Salem Hospital. Der Blinde failed at the box office but Romulus the Great was an international success.

Its central character was the last Roman emperor who allows his empire to perish in order to save humanity. Their plays were produced in the same theatres and they were often compared durrenmstt each other. Influenced by Brechtian technique, Frisch used the alienatiom effect, in which both the audience and actors keep a kind of distance to the events and characters of the play.

Volume 1, Playsedited by Kenneth J. Northcott, translated by Joel Agee,p. Ich habe dich in vielem bewundert, du hast mich in vielem verwundert, und verwundet haben wir uns gegenseitig. During this period he wrote sketches for political cabarets, radio plays, and theatre reviews and essays for the weekly magazine Die Weltwoche and the Berne Nation.

La promessa

In the nuclear age “we can be reached only by comedy” behind which the tragic becomes visible. In he was a co-director of the Basel Theatre and in he was appointed free-lance artistic adviser at the Zurich Schauspielhaus. After the death durrenmaht Lotti Geissler, he married in Charlotte Kerr, a German actress and documentary filmmaker.

They had met in Maximilian Schell’s flat in Munich. She was fascinated by the author and made a documentary about him, Portrait of a Planet The four-hour-long film was shown on German television. Eine BalladeMinotaur: He once called Christ “perhaps the first religious atheist.


In the comedy Florestan Mississippi, a public prosecutor, who has murdered his wife, marries Anastasia, who has murdered her husband. In their missionary zeal they start to produce death sentences, failing durrenjatt “everything can al changed, except man.

An Angel Comes to Babylon shows that power wins grace. Pessimism about human nature marked The Visitin which money corrupts an impoverished community. However, the mad director of the asylum, Dr. The physicist remains in the asylum, realizing that the world outside is becoming even madder.

La promessa: un requiem per il romanzo giallo – Friedrich Dürrenmatt – Google Books

In Das Versprechen The Pledgewhich starts as a lecture and a travel story, he said: Instead you set up a world that you can manage. That world may be perfect – who knows? The film, directed by Ladislao Vajda, was intended to alert parents to the danger of sexual crimes against children. In Sean Penn’s screen adaptation from Jack Nicholson played the role of the homicide detective, a genius, who wants his calculations to accord with reality and becomes hopelessly insane.

He sets a trap for a murderer, a young policeman, for his own personal reasons: Der Verdacht dealt with Nazi crimes.

Nehle, a sadist who operated on patients in a concentration camp without the use of anesthesia. He is saved by Nehle’s former patient, a giant Jewish man called Gulliver, who years ago managed to survive the horrible operation. The roles of an executioner and a victim are changed: Die Frist was a theatrical failure.

These works include Der Mitmacher. Reality is only an exeption to the rule of possibility, and can therefore be thought of quite differently too.

From which follows that we must rethink reality in order to forge ahead into possibility. Volume 3, Essaysedited by Kenneth J. Choose another writer in this calendar: The world hence the stage which represents this world is for me something monstrous, a riddle of misfortunes which must be accepted but promrssa which one must not capitulate.

The world is far bigger than any man, and perforce threatens him constantly.

If one could but stand outside the world, it would no longer be threatening. But I have neither the right nor the ability to be an outsider to this world. To find solace in poetry can also be all too cheap; it is more honest to retain one’s human point of view. I am not even referring to the fact that the criminal has his punishment meter out to him. Such pretty fairy-tales are morally necessary too, I suppose.


They are in the same class with the other lies that help preserve the State, like that pious phrase that crime doe not pay, whereas anyone has only to look at human society to find out how much truth there is in that No, what really annoys me is the plot in your novels.

Here the fraud becomes too raw and shameless. You built your plots up logically, like a chess game; here the criminal, here the victim, here the accomplice, here the master mind. The detective need only know the rules and play the game over, and he has the criminal trapped, has won a victory for justice. This fiction infuriates me. Spycher ; To Heaven and Back by K. Studien zu seinem Werked. Reinterpretation in Retrospect by K.

Whitton ; Dramatische Kommunikation: Bayerischer Rundfunk BR durrenmatt, dir. An Essay; The Marriage of Mr.

Markku Mannila, – films: Eero Ahmavaara, – filmPosledneye delo komissara Berlakha, dir. Olli Sarrivirta, – films: Court Chalu Aahe, dir.

Eero Ahmavaara, – films: Grant, Lynsey Baxter, Perdita Weeks;dir. The movie has the audacity to suggest that all that ritualized sublimation dufrenmatt doesn’t solve anything. Aarno Peromies, – films: Totentanz nach August Strindberg, – Play Strindberg: Waidson Die Frist, Albert Einstein: Werkausgabe, 30 vols. Der Winterkrieg in Tibet. Der Rebell, – Kuunpimennys suom. Ilona Nykyri, ; Kapinallinen suom. Plays and Essays, edited by Volkmar Sander Minotaurus.

Woods, – Oikeus suom. Volume 1, Plays, edited by Kenneth J. Northcott, translated proemssa Joel Agee Friedrich Durrenmatt: Volume 3, Essays, edited by Kenneth J.