Siva Panchakshari Stotram · Sri Ramana Maharshi Upadesa Saram Kanakadhara Stotram (English) · Kanakadhara Stavam (Telugu) · Siva Mahimna Stotram. Sri Kanakadhara Stotram MP3 Song by K. S. Chithra from the Sanskrit movie Sri Lakshmi Stotramala. Download Sri Kanakadhara Stotram song on Kanakadhara Stotram is a hymn. It is called Kanakadhara because when Adi Sankara recited it, the Goddess Lakshmi created a shower of golden fruit.

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The one who offers these prayers daily to her who is the personification of the Vedas, who is the mother of all the three worlds, who is Goddess Rema, will undoubtedly be blessed with good qualities, with great fortunes one could get and he would live in this world with great recognition even from the wise. Meaning- Salutations to you as Vedas which give rise to good actions,Salutation to you as Rathi for giving the most beautiful qualities,Salutation to you as Shakthi ,who lives in the hundred petalled lotus,And salutations to you who kana,adhara Goddess of kanwkadhara is the consort of Purushottama.

Kanakadhara Stotra : Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power

How Can We Help? Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power 1. Why is the Trimurti important in Hinduism?

Praptham padam pradhamatha khalu yat prabhavath,Mangalyabhaji madhu madhini manamathena,Mayyapadetha mathara meekshanardham,Manthalasam cha makaralaya kanyakaya. The Goddess was so pleased that she instantly showered the Brahmin lady’s house with goose berries made of pure gold.

Sankara told the Goddess sttotram she is the only one who is capable of changing the fate of someone by erasing or changing the writings of the future made by Lord Brahma.


Our Temple is a Learning Temple, so we encourage everyone to learn and join in the chanting of this sacred stotram. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo. Email Facebook Flickr YouTube. Meaning- Salutations to her who is as pretty. References [ edit ] Kanakadhara Storamkanakadhqra by P.

Kamale Telugk vallabhe twam,Karuna poora tharingithaira pangai,Avalokaya mamakinchananam,Prathamam pathamakrithrimam dhyaya Meaning- She who is the Lotus, She who is the consort, Of the Lord with Lotus like eyes, She who has glances filled with mercy,Please turn your glance on me,Who is the poorest among the poor,And first make me the vessel ,To receive your pity and compassion.

Kanakadhara Stotram is a hymn.

Stotras with meaning from Bhakti Pages

Home Slideshows Kanakadhara Stotra: Dhiggasthibhi kanaka kumbha mukha vasrushta,Sarvahini vimala charu jalaapluthangim,Prathar namami jagathaam janani masesha,Lokadhinatha grahini mamrithabhi puthreem. Meaning- To her devotees and those who are great,Grants stotrm a place in heaven which is difficult to attain,Just by a glance of her compassion filled eyes,Let her sparkling eyes which are like the fully opened lotus,Fall on me and grant me all my desires.

Namosthu hemambhuja peetikayai,Namosthu bhoo mandala nayikayai,Namosthu devathi dhaya prayai,Namosthu Sarngayudha vallabhayai. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life! During Navaratri, this stotram will be chanted each day during the morning homas. Bahwanthare madhujitha srithakausthube ya,Haravaleeva nari neela mayi vibhathi,Kamapradha bhagavatho api kadaksha mala,Kalyanamavahathu me kamalalayaya Meaning- He who has won over Madhu,Wears the Kousthuba as ornament,And also the garland of telugh, of blue Indraneela,Filled with love to protect and grant wishes to Him,Of her who lives on the lotus,And let those also fall on me,And grant me felugu that is good.


Dhadyaddhayanupavanopi dravinambhudaraam,Asminna kinchina vihanga sisou vishanne,Dhushkaramagarmmapaneeya chiraya dhooram,Narayana pranayinee nayanambhuvaha. Pradosha Puja January 18, 6: Sampath karaani sakalendriya nandanani,Samrajya dhana vibhavani saroruhakshi,Twad vandanani dhuritha haranodhythani,Mamev matharanisam kalayanthu manye. The hymn was written in the 8th century Kanaakadhara by Adi Sankara, a revered Hindu philosopher and teulgu.

Meaning- Salutations to her who is daughter of Bhrigu,Salutations to her lives on the holy chest of Vishnu,Salutations to Goddess Lakshmi who lives in a lotus,And saluations to her who is the consort of Damodhara.

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Kanakadhara Stotra : Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power

Thai Pongal January 14, 8: For him Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati are the same. The hymn contains a description of the beauty, personality, power and graciousness of Goddess Lakshmi.

Even today it is believed that poverty would be banished by singing this hymn.

Meaning- With half closed eyes stares she on Mukunda,Filled with happinessshyness and the science of love,On the ecstasy filled face with closed eyes of her Lord,And let herwho is the wife of Him who sleeps on the snake,Shower me with wealth. One day when he went to a Brahmin house, the lady of the house was so poor that she did not have anything to give him. Stories you may want to read.