The relationships among the firms comprising the Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park form an industrial symbiosis. Generally. Read chapter The Industrial Symbiosis at Kalundborg, Denmark: Industrial ecology is a concept that has emerged in response to growing public concern about. The Solution: by working together and exchanging material, water, and energy streams between the partners, Kalundborg Symbiosis increases resilience and.

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Click here to buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. Splosh How re-thinking the business model for cleaning products can influence design. Fundamentally, however, the Symbiosis particpants are not companies that see themselves as particularly green. For society as a whole, the environmental benefits from a more circular approach to manufacturing are obvious.

Since we have developed the worlds first industrial symbiosis with a circular approach to production. More recent numbers show a vast improvement, when comparing to the numbers fromin resource savings.

Its current state of waste heat and materials sharing developed over a period of 20 years. Novozymes produces biogas from the process water, from kalundhorg production at both Novozymes and Novo Nordisk, since the process water contains many nutrients.

Even though these flows are indicated with the same number, the term covers several different types and qualities of process and wastewater from the companies. The biogas fuels a large engine and generator, which delivers 47, MWh per year.

Accelerating green transition through partnerships Kalundborg Symbiosis is made up of 25 different streams including water, energy and material flows see network diagram below. A total of 28 million patients worldwide use the insulin, that starts its journey in one of the production facilities in Kalundborg.

Place your marker on a number or a name, to read more about the companys and streams 1. Annual Review of Energy and the Kalundbodg.

It employs kalndborg people. Therefore, the temperature is reduced to about degrees. The economic and environmental impact To gauge the impact of the collaboration, Kalundborg Symbiosis commissioned an LCA Life Cycle Assessment based on data of all existing flows in To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter.


The concept works because it is fundamentally sound. The first exchanges took place back inand at the time it was prompted by a lack of access to water.

Sulfur from the hydrogen sulphide fraction is collected and reused in fertilizer products together with the gasifies biomass residual. Especially when a more viable model with a year history of success is here for the whole world to see. A large part of the walls and ceilings in homes, companies and offices are covered with gypsum produced at Gyproc in Kalundborg, part of the Gypsum.

Thus, steam production requires less energy. Novo Nordisk produces insulin through a fermentation process, where yeast cells grow primarily on sugar and vitamins. Kqlundborg more on this topic, see the text of my September 21, talk in Copenhagen.

Situated in Kalundborg, Denmark, the symbiosis is based on public-private partnerships, with exchanges of energy, water and materials in closed loops. Restaffaldet energiudnyttes til el- og varmeproduktion. The refinery was taken over by Esso in and acquired by Statoil in along with Esso’s Danish marketing facilities.

Kalundborg — The World’s First Fully Functional Industrial Symbiosis

Aspects of the eco-industrial park have changed, and there are many levels to consider when doing these calculations.

There is also an element of idealism in terms of reducing impact on the environment or strengthening the local community. Replacing brute industrial force with intelligence The brute force of traditional industry practice abetted by its voracious appetite for virgin materials, aggressive marketing and prodigious waste is no longer practical or acceptable.

Since its start over 25 years ago, Kalundborg has been operating successfully as an eco-industrial park. Industrial Symbiosis engages diverse organizations in a network to foster eco-innovation and long-term culture change.

Kalnudborg surface Surface kalyndborg. In the Danish town of Kalundborg, a number of industrial companies exchange waste kkalundborg resources with each other in an elaborate network of pipelines.

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Andtons of fly ash and clinker were avoided from Asnaes landfill. Experimental mindset underpinned by shared values Kalundborg Symbiosis has evolved organically over the past six decades, with joint projects being created where the business case and collaboration was beneficial but ending when the business case became unfavourable. It has since grown into a progressive generator of value. Coca-Cola Enterprises Increasing post-consumer plastic content in packaging.


I Kalundborg producerer Gyproc gipsplader og udnytter den gips, der Gyproc. District heating is common practice in Denmark.

Biogassen driver en stor motor El til elnettet. Place your marker on a number or a name, to read more about the companys and streams. Although there is agreement in principle about the meaning of this concept, there are many and differing opinions as to what it means in practice symbiosi how the concept should be translated into specific actions.

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Ka-lundborg Utility also receives residues containing ethanol, which help the processes kqlundborg their cleaning plants, including the removal of nitrogen from the wastewater. The local community benefits from the improved competitiveness of its local industry, which secures jobs. Visions of possible beneficial links are critical. These parks were created by grouping diverse stakeholders with common material flows together, with added governmental incentives to encourage materials exchange.

It is coal fired, has a capacity of 1, megawatts mWand employs about people. The remains represent the largest part of their NovoGro 30 production, which takes place in Novozymes Wastewater and Biogas department, which also accounts for wastewater treatment and biogas production.

However, sulfer is redirected into a production of fertilizers based primarily on the gasified residual biomass. The Kalundnorg Academies Press. Their highly integrated kalunsborg networks allow information and knowledge to spread quickly; their servant leadership cultures grow individual knowledge and team capacity; and their life-affirming missions, values and visions inspire employees to work with their hearts as well as their minds.

Kalundborg Utility processes wastewater for both the industry, companies and households in Kalundborg Municipality, as well as deliver potable water and district heating to companies and households in Kalundborg City.