This easy video tutorials explains how to install JomSocial on your Joomla website. You can find more detailed documentations here. Any video tutorial on how to integrate the jomsocial component and configure it for this template?. G’day, Is there a Jom Social setup and configuration tutorial? I am wanting to make sure that the members personal details and private messages dont get.

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How to add menu item linking to JomSocial home page video tutorial.

Installing JomSocial for Joomla 2. You can find more detailed documentations here:.

RSEvents!Pro Jomsocial Plugin

Call or email me for a quote on your Joomla project: How to backup your Joomla site before upgrading JomSocial using Akeeba. If you’re ready to upgrade JomSocial, it’s always a good practice to backup ojmsocial site, in case something goes wrong. This tutorial shows you how to back it up and restore if you need to. Get App in 5 minutes!


Jom Social Setup/config tutorial – [OSTraining Support Forum]

This video will show how we can change the design layout tutorlal the iJoomer App while using Android Library. In this video, we have following the following steps. Once downloaded the Full Project library.

How to download and install JomSocial video tutorial. If you are a hands on business owner who wants to maintain their online.

Como instalar JomSocial 2. Si buscas un host de calidad y a buen precio visita: Joomla hosting I recommend is http: JomSocial for Joomla is a software pagake that can turn your Joomla web site into a Facebook like social network.

It works to get you connected and keep you communicating with your audience.

JomSocialJoomla Tutorial

This tutorial by GoDebby. Keeping it Simple, so you are working smart and not hard!

Download import extension you can here:. You can view the full documentations here: O JomSocial permite criar uma comunidade dentro do site em Joomla!


Unofficial tutorial for JomSocial on Joomla. A beginners tutorial on how to change the background image in the login screen for your JomSocial installation.

Any video tutorial on how to integrate the jomsocial component?

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