Pirate of the caribbean _ Klaus badelt _ Jarrod radnich _ Hanz zimmer _ Harry Potter _ Jarrod Radnich _Piano solo _johan wiliams _ Virtuosic PIANO SOLO. JARROD RADNICH VPirtuosic IANO SOLO PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ™ AN ORIGINAL MEDLEY As performed by JARROD RADNICH and featured at. As the title suggests I’ve taken it upon myself to learn Jarrod Radnich’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” cover and I was wondering if those who have.

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This is not the last you’ll hear of this song, however!!! Save on Every Order! For this, I would work on one leap e. Well, I’m waiting for your opinions, but I my wiev Davy Jones is the best of these arrangements.

Any help of you will be cheerfuly accepted. Original’s Week next Thursday! P I mean, some people can, like Jarrod Radnich, but that’s probably it. I took down my cover of Lightweight by Demi Lovato for this: You’ll receive all 5 pages after purchase.

My arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen Lyricist: D Minor Product Type: Be sure to follow him and check out his awesome scores!! I hope you enjoy this!

If I am not, I will go back to the F octave and play the leap with my eyes open, very slowly, aiming for accuracy. These days for octaves I caeibbean a grasping motion, which you can see in this video here.


These may be obvious to you, they might be not. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Go Pro Upload Log In.

Jarrod Radnich – Pirates of the Caribbean | Ruddi Elias Tows –

I thought that I could maybe play the song, its hard but Im not giving up. I think you get the idea. I carjbbean about when I need to, but this is always home.

Check out youtube for tips on leaps. It is actually very fun to play, compared to my our other piano solos.

Be sure to follow him!!! I went to a piano recital last night, and my friend, who was in the recital, played this! I would also feel my arm and where it is in relation to where I think the octave F is. Second thing is that leaping to an octave B-flat, or octave black notes in general tend to be easier acribbean leaping to white notes.

IMSLP provides access to free, public domain sheet music. OK, I agree No, give me more info. Information on Acoustic Pianos.

Jarrod Radnich on Spotify

Sometimes he shows or tells me something, and I’m like “what?? Everyone has that speed to move provided you are not overly tense. Although that is welcome lol. That’s my only rule, and it goes for all of my compositions. Music of Jarrod Radnich. Ok, what do you think about his music? It’s bars final 3 lines on the first page that are giving me the most difficulties. How did you even think of that!!!


This is the point when my left hand is jumping full octaves to four finger chords and I’m finding that I either hesitate between the chord change or I accidentally bump several black keys as I come down. Then I will go back to the initial eyes close strategy where I play the octave but not the chord until I can see that the chord is correct.


I can play the thumb note of the octave and the little finger of the chord so that the leap feels smaller and not a two octave leap. There’s no way not to try to play it by you.

This piece is amazing. Once I play the F octave I will close my eyes again and really feel what it feels like. Because you pedal all these chords, you can play them all staccato and practise them all staccato which makes our job easier because you never have to “land” and stay in one place. Whatever way you play the octaves and chords, it helps to practise eyes closed. Harry Potter 20tweis granvilleschools. Become a Member Today!