It is similar to Microsoft’s OpenXML SDK, but for Java. docx4j uses JAXB to I think docx4j should switch to iText conversion implementation. Hi Kapul,. Did you try using openxml or ItextSharp for your need? Either C# Word Interop or convert Word (DOCX) to PDF in C# like this. Use the pdfHTML add-on to convert HTML and CSS to PDF.

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It can also use POI to convert a doc to a docx.

WordML itxt the Office way of saving a Word document as xml. It’s not so different from the solution plutext offered, except that it doesn’t read a.

If your requirements are flexible enough to have WordML style documents as input, this might be worth looking into. Problems with graphics that I have not yet worked out though. You need to be running LibreOffice as a serverto make this work.


itext – WordML to PDF conversion – Stack Overflow

From the command line you can do this using. I have not been able ltext get into this but it should be able to open documents in various formats and output them in a pdf format.

If you look into this, let me know how it worked! I could not really get into the Tika project for parsing the word fils.

I need only formatation and pictures beside the regular text in the word file. Otherwise, woordml you’re going to do it yourself, take a look at the code in Apache Tika for parsing word files. It’s a really great example of how to get at the images, the formatting, the styles etc.

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Tika should be very convret to get started with! Get happy with that, then start calling the Java yourself. What you’ll need to do is get each paragraph individually, then grab each run, fetch the formatting, and generate the equivalent in PDF.


WordExtractor just grabs the plain text, nothing else. That’s why all you’re seeing is the plain text.

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