Even Silence Has an End has ratings and reviews. La Petite Américaine said: UPDATE Ingrid Betancourt. · Rating details · 3, ratings · Ingrid Betancourt spent six years in the jungle as a captive of the Revolutionary Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the. “Betancourt’s riveting account is an unforgettable epic of moral courage and human endurance.” -Los Angeles Times In the midst of her campaign.

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Ingrid Betancourt recounts her ordeal ‘in hell’ with a daily insight of what went on but few whys, says Rosita Sweetman. Small, indomitable, elegant, privileged — Ingrid Betancourt was running as a presidential candidate in the elections in Colombia she is half-Colombian, half-French when she entered a demilitarised zone — a supposedly safe area — on the edge of the Amazon, and fell, almost literally, into betanxourt hands of Farc, Colombia’s notorious guerrilla army.

Cock-ups with security, army-government helicopters and bad feeling delivered a virtually unescorted Betancourt into Farc’s domain, where she remained for six and a half years, force marched ever deeper into the “green hell” of Amazonia. Hundreds of hostages can be held at any time by Farc; pawns in an endless game of cat and mouse with the Colombian government — you give us imprisoned guerrillas and we’ll give you Ingrid Betancourt.

Even Silence Has An End : Ingrid Betancourt :

Except, as she found to her betxncourt horror, there was no mechanism for handing over hostages, government rescue raids were as likely to end in the deaths of hostages as their liberation, and no plan existed in relation to herself.

Within the space of minutes, she lost her freedom, her life as she knew it and all connections to the outside world. Luxurious living in Bogota and Paris was replaced by a brutalising routine of meagre food, forced marches, millions of insects many of betancourr with blood on their mindssweltering heat fven humidity, and a guerrilla army that viewed Betancourt as representative of all they detested.

Her bed was a plank under a mosquito net, shared with Clara, her director of elections.

But, as Betancourt nas, far from uniting together against a common enemy, hostages — driven mad by their conditions — often turned on each other. You can’t argue with a man or a woman with a gun, so you turn your rage on your fellow, defenceless compadres. Betancourt kept her spirits up initially by repeated escape attempts.


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All ended in recapture the first in multiple rape and extreme loss of privileges. The unfortunate Clara, who maybe lacked Betancourt’s arrogance and guts, screamed: At one morning’s roll call, prisoners were told they would be known by, and answer to, a number.

Betancourt, to everyone’s terror, dug her heels in. No way would she be reduced to a number. The biggest battle was between cynicism everything is hell and hope. Despite everything — the death of her adored father, learned by reading a scrap of newsprint wrapped around a cabbage; the loss of contact with her young teenage children, with her husband, with her mother, and with everything she knew; ingric their hellish living conditions — Betancourt struggled to keep her mind from turning on itself.

Amidst the daily savagery, she learnt, with the help of two of her young guards, how to weave. Another guerrilla gave her a Bible; another, a 2, page dictionary. She ahs a fellow prisoner how to swim. Yet another guerrilla set up exercise bars, made in minutes from qn young trees.

Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle by Ingrid Betancourt

One year, the young guerrillas, many the same ages as her own children, helped her ice and bake a cake for her daughter. She went from hating God how could he let this happen? Her greatest treasure now, she says, is an inner peace.

When everything is taken, she realised she still had something precious: The end came suddenly: On the helicopter ride out, she finally realised they were free. Her capture and sensational release made her an international celebrity. Consummate politician that she is, she has been riding that rip tide of worldwide sympathy both since her release and now, again, with the publication of her book.

Based in Paris, wilence global canonisation hasn’t been without its hiccups. When several fellow hostages produced their version of events, they accused her of arrogance; putting other hostages lives at risk with her bolshiness.

Ingrid Betancourt’s Six Years In The Jungle

In France, a satirical comic called Ingrid of the Jungle has been published depicting her as a monster of egoism and elitism. One could go further: Still, this upper-class lady, who was at least attempting reform in her election bid, had btancourt chutzpah to survive “hell” as she did.

For my own part, I feel it’s a pity Betancourt didn’t hold off publication; her book is perhaps overlong on detail pages of “hell in the jungle” are hard going, even for the most dedicated readerand short on analysis. As for the salacious recounting of what Farc did and do, can any of us in the West really point a finger when betancoyrt know what happened in Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo?


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