A multi-party system is a system in which multiple political parties across the political spectrum run for national election, and all have the capacity to gain control. A Biparty system is one where the existence of third party does not prevent the two major parties from governing alone, and therefore coalitions are unnecessary . Since the establishment of multiparty system over two decades ago, a number of political parties have been formed, all struggling to take the.

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The re-introduction of the system has come with a number of benefits like widened democracy and strengthened good governance.

Has multipartism helped Tanzania? – The Citizen

Since the establishment of multiparty system over two decades ago, a number of political parties have been formed, all struggling to take the reigns of the government. The recent establishment of the Alliance for Change and Transparency ACT brings yet another discussion in the political atmosphere. However, the political scenario in developed countries, is different from one in the country here, the former have few but very strong parties.

A political analyst, Dr Benson Bana, said the number of political parties has no influence over the improvement of democracy since many parties lack good policies, strategies and their leaders instead consider them just like family assets and just use them to further their personal agenda.


According to him, many political parties in the country fail to achieve their goals because they do not have strong democracy foundations within themselves.

He said misunderstandings within opposition political parties have been weakening them before the ruling party and thus lead to poor challenge when it comes to muktipartism. Political parties in Tanzania have been attempting to form an alliance against CCM, but this has never succeeded because they lack vision and political will on merging.

Moreover, a University of Dar mulfipartism Salaam lecturer and political analyst, Mr Bashiru Ally, said there was no weakness in the political party registration law and regulations and that it was a political right to register a party. He said political development emerges from the kind of leadership that a country follows if it is liberal or democratic and that political parties are just part of the factors of that development.

Another lecturer from UDSM, Dr Bakar Mohammed, said the number imporance political parties can have an impact on the growth of democracy in a nation if the parties are strong and focused.

He said political parties mulfipartism weak because they just exist like mere associations that can not bring about both political and leadership positive changes.


He said there was no need for Tanzania to have large number of political parties since they have so far failed to instrument what they are supposed to do. According to the registrar of political parties in the country, Judge Francis Mutungi, Tanzania has a total of 21 fully registered political parties.

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