View and Download Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard owner’s manual online. Mobility California, Inc. declares that this XTBT01 is in compliance with the. XTBT • Company name: Think Outside, Inc. 85 Saratoga Ave. Suite Santa Clara, California USA. () IC Notice (Canada Only). I just stumbled across something while trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy S2 (the TMobile version) to an old iGo Stowaway Think Outside.

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Igo BlueTooth Keyboard The one you posted is for blackberry, and won’t work with the tablet. Igl i may be wrong. Okay, maybe I am wrong. One of the reviews actually goes a little into how to pair it with an N Not complete instructions, but it shows it can be done.

I ordered one of these, suppose to get it by this Wednesday. Hopefully it kgo work, either way I will try to post the results. From my readings, both models work. One person states that he prefers this Sonoma model than Sierra. I just ordered one yesterday. I ordered an N from Buy. I had a bit of trouble getting the Igo to transmit the number code, but I think that was due to my unfamiliarity with how to enter numbers rather than any problem with either device.

The two devices recognised each xtbr01 without having to download a specific driver — now, if I can just get the keyboard paired with my trust Sony-Ericsson i I’ll be a happy boy! Ibo you using OS or the beta OS? Shoot, I ordered that one also the one that specifically mentions blackberry. I can see txbt01 they haven’t shipped it, so I can cancel if someone will confirm that this one specifically doesn’t work with the N This is where I got the information that n works with this keyboard: For comparison between the two e.

So, I canceled that order and ordered the other igo slim line that others say pretty much works right out of the box. It should arrive next week and I can confirm. Both my biz partner and I use Stowaways now the ultra-slim model with our Ns.

I have the Dell branded black version and she has the Think Outside branded grey version. Both work great in both OS and OS I’m sure you guys will be fine. I ordered this one from Amazon on Friday and received it today. I downloaded the Maemo Bluetooth Plugin version 0. I installed the deb file through the application manager paired up the keyboard with my N running OS and tested it for about 10 minutes and seems to work very well all the standard keys worked fine.


I believe OS pairs with this keyboard without the plugin.

I just set it up to broadcast, set the N to search for device and it paired with no issue. I think that maemo plugin was for OS Moonshine, I have the Dell-branded stowaway and it pairs fine under OS beta, but refuses to connect. Did I miss something? It was fine with OS But I’m sure the n and bluetooth keyboards will continue to fluctuate xxtbt01 price during December, right?

I have a feeling this forum will be very xgbt01. So what’s the pairing procedure?

Igo BlueTooth Keyboard [Archive] – – Talk

I install the keyboard batteries, open it, and ctbt01 to select a bluetooth device on the N OS control panel. All I get is the message “no devices found. How do I know if the keyboard is on? I can attest to seeing it yesterday. I need to be faster. Xtvt01 got mine today. It works Im running OS on N Tap on Bluetooth 3. If Bluetooth is off, tap “Bluetooth on” checkbox 4. Now tap “Devices” 5.

On the Nokia, Click “New” and wait a few seconds while it finds igl identifies your keyboard comes up as “Think Outside Keyboard”. Tap on the entry for the keyboard, you will see xgbt01 dialog box showing a four digit code. Tap OK on the Nokia and on the keyboard type the four digit code and press Return. The pairing should complete after a few seconds. The Apple keyboard is beautiful.

I have both of these keyboards working nicely: Amazon CS just told me that they have some more coming, but you will have keep watching as they go fast at this price. Just ordered on friday awaiting delivery. I will add my two cents. I have an N xtbt10 OS All I did to get it to work was install the Bluetooth plugin.

I opened the keyboard, put in the batteries, pressed and held ctrl-blue-green and told the Internet Tablet to connect. It did, and I could type. Xhbt01 is all there was to it, so I can also confirm this “Blackberry” model works fine. A couple of other notes, when I got the actual keyboard, there was no mention of the Blackberry on the original packaging. The only place it was mentioned at all was on a barcode sticker stuck over the original barcode on the back.

The original packaging on the xtbh01 actually says Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for Smartphones and on the back it says Truly Universal – works with almost any bluetooth enabled device. So it looks, to me anyway, that it is just a regular bluetooth keyboard with maybe some special printing on some of the keys associated with smartphones. Hope this helps anyone thinking about picking one up. I’ve had the Amazon product page open so xtbt0 to buy it–that I can’t shake the inertia and just go for it.


I just got my keyboard was shipped to a US address in 2 days, had someone bring it back for me. It works, and quite well. I can’t believe how small it is.

I got mine about Thanksgiving, and still have pieces of the darn sticker on some keys. Ditto on the sticker annoyance. It took ten minutes and Goo-Gone xtht01 get it off of mine. I was just wondering. When I type the words “don’t, doesn’t, haven’t, etc Is it just me or that is the way it was meant to be?

I’ve done this as have several others. You need to call Amazon and request the credit.

Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Owner’s Manual

I’m sure this is posted somewhere, but havent found it yet. How do re-enable the onscreen keyboard? I have disconnected the iGO, but havent got the onscreen to come back. I get the the window where it says “pairing.

By looking at the xtbt011, I assume that you hold the FN key down and then hit the corresponding number keys, right? I have also noticed that the flashing green led stops flashing when the n is pairing.

If I cancel the pairing, the light starts flashing again. I am running the new xtbh01 and the keyboard is a xtbt Any help would xtt01 appreciated. BTW I second the comments in other threads about the nasty sticker across the keys. If I could get my hands on the bozo who came up with that idea The same one amazon is xtbt001 for 30 bucks. Using with my N Back to OS for me. With some info from Moonshine I have paired the keyboard with I’m about to pair one I’m giving as a gift in like 10 mins, so I’ll report back: I’d try repairing again, it should work for you.

Moonshine, when you paired it did you do it via the bluetooth keyboard “Pair” button or did you add a new device in the bluetooth section and pair it that way. I have seen some posts on here that some users have luck one way and not the other.