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IEC +A+A(E). Edition consolidated with amendments and This English-language version is derived from the. This standard applies to all high-voltage switchgear and controlgear except as otherwise specified in the relevant IEC standards for the particular type of. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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The definitions of IEC are not repeated but reference is made to their specific sub-clause number.

For operation of shunt opening releases, the relative tolerance shall comply with the requirements of 5. Standard values of rated voltages are given below: These limits do not apply where receivers also store compressed gas for interruption.

NOTE For electric motors the limits do not imply the use of non-standard motors, but only the selection of a motor which at these values provides the necessary effort, and the rated voltage of the motor need not coincide with the rated supply voltage of the closing device. NOTE Experience shows that an increase of the main circuit resistance cannot alone be considered as reliable evidence of bad contacts or connections.

In addition a means of charging a spring or weight by hand shall be provided if specified to the manufacturer; such means shall comply with 5. The power frequency tests shall be performed according to IEC At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. Installation and mitigation guidelines IEC NOTE 3 Condensation may be prevented by special design of the building or housing, by suitable ventilation and heating of the station or by the use of dehumidifying equipment.

Guide for application of IEC 62271-100 and IEC 60694. Part I and II

For temperature-rise tests of parts other than auxiliary equipment, the switchgear and controlgear and their accessories shall be mounted in all significant respects as in service, including all normal covers of any part of the switchgear and controlgear, and shall be protected against undue external heating or cooling.

NOTE An individual type test need not be repeated for a change of construction detail, if the manufacturer can demonstrate that this change does not influence the result of that 06694 type test. The IEC collaborates closely with the International Organization for Standardization ISO in accordance with conditions determined by agreement between the two organizations. In the 06694 of mechanical auxiliary contacts, this sensing element can be simply the oec contact, directly connected to the secondary terminal.


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The measurement shall be made with d. Point 13 Limited only by the requirement not to cause any damage to surrounding parts.

Each drawing or data schedule shall be uniquely referenced and shall contain a statement to the effect that the manufacturer guarantees that the drawings or data schedules truly represent the switchgear and controlgear to be tested.

However, to obviate the necessity of erecting large three-pole switchgear and controlgear for test purposes alone, the artificial pollution and the radio interference voltage tests may be made on a single pole and, if the minimum clearance between poles is equal to or larger than those given in tables F.

In the case where the function is achieved electronically, the sensing element can be a static transducer optical, magnetic, etc. The diameter of the clamping screw or bolt shall be at least 12 mm. For outdoor switchgear and controlgear, the nameplates and their fixings shall be weatherproof and corrosion-proof.

Potentiometers shall comply with the requirements of IEC C Closed pressure system for gas Where mixing of components or voltages could cause confusion, consideration should be given to more explicit marking. For outdoor installation without additional mechanical protection, higher impact levels may be specified, subject to an agreement between manufacturer and user.

NOTE 1 The reduction of the test voltage is motivated by the safety margin in the rated test voltage values, which takes ageing, wear and other normal deterioration into account, and by the statistical nature of the flashover voltage. Temporary connections to the main circuit shall be such that no significant amount of heat is conducted away from, or conveyed to, the switchgear and controlgear during the test. General requirements IEC The operational characteristics of the auxiliary contacts should comply with one of the classes shown in table Electromechanical control circuit devices IEC Means shall be provided to enable gas systems to be safely replenished whilst the equipment is in service.

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The rated insulation level is specified by the rated lightning impulse withstand voltage phase to earth. Where iex user has no specific local requirements, it is recommended that the colouring and labelling of any indicator lights be in accordance with these two publications. For switchgear and controlgear having only internal insulation, the ambient air conditions are of no influence and the correction factor K t shall not be applied.


The test may be made three-phase or single-phase. As the radio interference level may be affected by fibres or dust settling on the insulators, it is permitted iiec wipe the insulators with a clean cloth before taking a measurement. For most of the rated voltages, several rated insulation levels exist to allow for application of different performance criteria or overvoltage patterns.

NOTE These discharges may have been generated by accumulation of discharge probability with the increased number of voltage applications or by reflected voltage after a disruptive discharge at a remote location within the equipment. Therefore, they shall meet the requirements of IEC In the dielectric testing of switchgear and controlgear incorporating vacuum switching devices, precautions should be taken to ensure that the level of possible emitted X-radiation is within safe limits.

Point 11 The temperature shall not reach a value where the elasticity of the material is impaired. The definitions given below are also applicable.

The following test procedure shall be followed: Electrical relays IEC Suggested colours for indicator lights are given in IEC Wiring should take into account the proximity of heating elements. NOTE Several gas-filled compartments may be permanently interconnected to form a common gas-system gastight assembly.

Thermal electrical relays for motor protection shall comply with the requirements of IEC The impulse voltage withstand tests shall be performed in accordance with IEC General examination, electrical continuity and contact resistance tests, insulation tests and voltage stress tests IEC Insulated conductors shall be adequately supported and shall not rest against sharp edges. However, in order to avoid overstressing of internal insulation, the application of the correction factor K t may be omitted where the satisfactory performance of external insulation has been established.

Installation and mitigation guidelines — Section 2: The maximum actuating force required for manually charging a spring or weight shall not exceed N. The remaining parts shall not exceed the values of temperature and temperature rise given in table 3.