So ibanez cf7 singer or instrument, track in track when there has photo way to sleep when there buys However Free(brings something and sound. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Do not use this apparatus near water. 5. Clean only with dry cloth. 6. Do not block. Download IBANEZ CF7 service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Ok, I admit, I love Ibanez effects. Or let’s put it different, I highly respect the Maxon design team which was behind many of their effects. These guys got up with some brilliant ideas. Some of these, in various cosmetics, have been around for many years.

The only problem is that Ibanez or Hoshino is definitely a sales company, resulting in various choices which were definitely not driven from a music perspective. One that comes to mind is the first series of Soundtanks in a metal yes indeed casing. One can critisize Soundtanks a lot for that cheap plastic casing but I have never ever seen a soundtank with a broken case. I’ve got a few niner’s among which my beloved ST-9 Dirt cheap as someone in a musicstore forgot to do his homework BTW, they must have read this as I never saw them made a similar error after this one.

I didn’t have any plans in getting this series into a “complete” status as that requires an OD-9 which are extremely hard to find. The fact that I did find one at a relatively “dirt cheap” changed this. All that would be needed for this collection comes by pretty frequently. Prices are another thing.

Especially pedals like the AF-9 are still more players than collectors and therefore usually make good prices as the audience in the bidding pool is larger. The same was the case for the AFL on which I was outbid or better, outsniped on multiple occasions before finally getting one.

Ibanez JEMINI Distortion Owner’s Manual: Battery Replacement

It seems to me that over the last two years even classic bargain pedals like to Soundtanks start to get some collectors attention and, therefore, finally get the recognition they deserve as unique yeah I know, dodgy as they are designs.

Taking a look at the circuit design shows that the low end frequency response is slightly boosted. Furthermore when the circuit is in bypass the signal going to the overdrive stage will be muted.

Ofcourse, apart from that the casing is so much different in design as well as control names the fact that this is a tubescreamer is easily overlooked.


Most likely marketing considerations to step into the mid eighties metal mania. As I do not have an SM-9 yet I have not verified this in full details but if any, these will be small. Most likely marketing was an issue again cg7 this change. The difference here is that the rotary controls are mabual here by a chip which contains these analog!! The result is a slightly more coarse sound. This pedal is by far one of my favourites ever. Compressor CPL A compressor limiter.

Later the pedal was re-released as the CP compressor in the series. This pedal followed the AD Therefore it’s interesting to check how mabual they resemble I’ve seen 2 versions of the AD-9 which do differ in some components among which the filtering.


Ibanez DSC10 User Manual

In the end I drew up the AD-9 schematic largely by tracing along the schematic of a CD10 delay champ. The differing components have the “other” value mentioned in the schematic. I suspect this pedal to be a close to exact copy of the FL-9 from the 9-series. Re-released as the GE Equalizer in the series. It’s ocassionally stated only a few hundred would have been made and that this thing is extremely rare.

The fact that I’ve seen tens of auctions for this pedal might suggest that the numbers made aren’t that low. This pedal was re-released as the Twin-Cam Chorus in the series. This one was the last parametric EQ made by Ibanez.

This one is slightly different from the Metalscreamer in PCB layout but the same drill pattern was used. This resulted in some empty holes in the PCB.

Amazingly the TS10 finally starts to develop some vintage value as the prices seem to increase last year. Soundwise it’s just another tubescreamer. Don’t believe all those stories about these tonal differences with other TS-es.

If there are slight differences this is more due to component tolerances than anything else. If you can hear em congrats. I seriously doubt if you still can when you’re onstage and your drummer is using his cymbals Too bad that when Ibanez changed over to the 5-series Soundtanks they were bound by the 3 knob constraints. I guess that even in a Soundtank case this would be an incredibly popular pedal.

The metal charger, as well as it’s predesessors, have one problem. The distorted sound doesn’t come above unity gain making it easily drowning in the rest of the mix. Modification for this is easy and recommended. Instant Metal in a pedal.

The DSC is quite a clean chorus df7 the warmth control doesn’t make it any better. Get a DCL instead. Clean chorus without the hassle. Chorus SC Higly underrated chorus. Could be considered a poor man’s RC I still have no clue what this thing has to do with LA, let alone with metal. However I still do like the cosmetics manhal this one is ibaneez housed in a solid steel case instead of the common aluminum. It will only take 10 minutes of soldering to convert your LM-7 to FC specs: Looking at the schematic suggests the same as they are indeed very similar.

I had to have it for looks and name alone already. Fat Cat and subtle don’t go together. And by the way, I’ve seen these advertised multiple times as a tubescreamer on steroids. Nothing is further from the truth. The only thing these two have in common is that they’re both pedals and have 3 knobs. Mostortion MT Someone once called this thing the best Tubescreamer ever. Personally I have to disagree since it doesn’t have anything in common with a TS The Mostortion should definitely get more recognition as it is an amazingly great pedal and very versatile.

Instant Steve Kahn in a box! When ff7 see one, get it! Although labelled different the Ibanrz and the BC have the same layout for the printed circuit board. Difference is in the silkscreening and the PCB coating only. Other than altered filter values for the BC10 it seems that the BC10 is missing it’s de-emphasis filtering completely.


I have to verify this one but expect it to be an exact copy of the FL Delay II DDL Another one of those delay that are often cherised by their owners for the quality of the delays but for some reason never really get the recognition they deserve by a larger audience. Even for their age, these delays are quality stuff, well built, great sounding. Octave OT The one and only attempt ever sold by Ibanez for a octaver pedal. These come quite rare so I felt lucky finding a rather affordable broken one.

The labelling for the edge control seems quite odd when analysing the circuit and ,when looking up online reviews of this pedal, makes the edge control quite misunderstood. The edge control is the level control of a piece of circuitry that is pretty identical to the octave up section that can be found on an EH microsynth.

Therefore, while rolling that guitar volume a little back as is commmon practice with octave fuzzes one will get a neat, “around the 12th fret”, upper octave.

That means it’s not some odd tone control that gives something like “industrial harshness” to the sound. A similar implementation can be found in the Pearl OC08 octaver. The lower ocave is the classic guitar octaver implementation of a dual flipflop octave divider like in the EH Microsynth but with the same smoothing circuitry afterwards that can be found in de DOD octoplus, the Boss OC2, that Pearl OC again and probably a few others.

Don’t believe the stories about that TS conversion and the soundwise miracles that will happen. However, if yours happens to have that Toshiba TA chip get it out and get the back in. That does make a difference. Bear in mind that anything over 50 cents paid for the chip is overpaid.

They’re still in production and NOS is pure mojo. If you want a real improvement get it modded to one of the more gain like mods like Keeley’s. There’s several to be found on the web as well.

Tubescreamers are really cool when they’re on steroids. Just get one and never get rid of it again. Nice detail for almost all Ibanzez chorussus is that the wet chorus signal is gated and will be muted if signal is absent at the input, causing the thing to be more silent when not playing.

Parametric Equalizer PQ-9 No description yet. While seeing one go on Ebay for some Euro’s I picked this fella up as a bargain at a local music store. The basic design is in fact a tubescreamer with an added “bite” control and a changed cutoff frequency for the “tone” as found ibznez the normal TS. In its mid position the boost is at Hz.

Striking difference between the 2 is that the mid tone control suddenly moved from pre-drive stage to post drive stage.