1 quote have been tagged as hermann-hesse-stepski-vuk: Hermann Hesse: ‘ Čovek je lukovica sastavljena od stotinu ljuski, tkanina od bezbroj niti.’. The sadness will last forever. 5RBLG. Hermann Hesse, Stepski vuk {block: Caption. Hermann Hesse, Stepski vuk. □ Posted 5 years ago with 5 notes. □ Tagged. Title, Stepski vuk. Biblioteka Feniks. Author, Hermann Hesse. Translated by, Vera Čičin-Šain. Publisher, Zagrebačka naklada, ISBN,

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Hermann Hesse, Stepski vuk by Lucija Matuzić on Prezi

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This is a very interesting book about the Steppenwolf, a man who believes himself to be half Harry hermabn half wolf. It is a gripping story filled with unexpected strange incidents and fantastic characters.


“Steppenwolf” by Herman Hesse BOOK COVER on Behance

BradyBooks rated it 4 years ago http: A Review on Steppenwolf. So, I haven’y posted any reviews lately or in awhile. I hope to change this.

I’m putting this out there just so my fellow booklikers know I’d like to start being more active on here. I couldn’t believe my last review was in March! Anyway, I read Steppenwolf and had so much to say about it Flicker Reads rated it 4 years ago http: Well, here we have it.

Profound and very moving, a stirring glimpse into a struggling psyche. Some fantastic moments – some of the best in all German literature. Sarah’s Library rated it 4 years ago http: I really have no idea what he’s waffling on about.

I see a DNF looming in the near, if not immediate, future. I was able to get it renewed a Books by Hermann Hesse.

Happy is who knows how to love – Hermann