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This was when he was offering the Building the Gymnastic Bodies Handstand One (H1) is designed to develop a free-standing handstand. Has anyone tried GB Foundation programs? I have a question in relation to the weekly schedule. Since I’d already started it, I decided to stick with Gymnastic Bodies. For example, one of the Foundation program’s progressions is Front.

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I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get you physically prepared for the 7 key positions found in gymnastics.

Just to put things in perspective, there are 4 volumes of progressions designed to get you up to the positions above. I barely completed half of the 1st volume, in 8 weeks. Part of me agrees that you should be able to complete gmynasticbodies exercise as required, before moving on to the next progression the GB philosophy. Onne with that in mind, it makes sense to sell as many volumes of material as possible. What you will notice if you embark on this Gymnastic journey, is that Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself.

It takes a little bit of digging to find out all the other names that are used for the featured exercises…. All too often, the magazine culture of today offers empty promises; packing on muscle in record time, or becoming the Hulk overnight.

Can I hold a front lever after 8 weeks? No, is the short answer. I had to start from the beginning! I only managed 60, 40, 30, 30 and had died by the 5th set.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results

So I calculated that my starting point was 5 sets of 36 seconds. By week 6, I had managed 5 x 60 seconds. Foundatipn takes time to build! Long way to go…. If you want to get a really strong core, I recommend doing any of the 6 prescribed exercises for the Front Lever. Straddle Planche I started week 1 well, mastering the Scapular Shrugs exercise, for 5 sets of 15 repetitions. The required standard is 5 sets of 30 seconds before moving on; 6 seconds off. The Elevated Planche Lean is founvation 6 of 6, so I did well to progress through all 6 stages in 8 weeks.

I have definitely completed more Tuck Planche progressions than I have for the Front Lever, so perhaps this is why my progress was better for this position. If you want to build muscle in your mid or lower backthen follow the prescribed mobility exercises for the Straddle Planche section.

They will have your hips and back screaming, but they really work! My favourite mobility exercise in this section was the Straddle Donkey Kick. The prescribed rep range is 10 reps, performed as an active rest between work sets. Straddle Donkey Kick — 5 reps each side. Progressed to exercise 6 foundztion 6, the Parallel Bar Dip, by week 8. My tricep strength is pretty good. Foundation One for the Hollow Back Press seems to focus a lot on developing tricep strength.

For the record, holding a foundaton up, in the top foudnation for a required 5 sets of 60 seconds, is absolutely savage. I started gymnasticbodiss 6 with 5 x 20 seconds. So in 2 weeks I increased my hold time by 16 seconds. So maybe in another weeks I could have smashed the required 5 x 60 seconds… who knows. Holding a position for this long is tough on my mental game. As well as testing your mind, you will build strength by performing an iso-hold for this length of time, and as a result of your muscles being under tension for that much time, you will also build them up.


Not massively, but enough to be able to flex them at will. This exercise really pumped my guns up, especially by sets 4 and 5. The integrated mobility exercise gymnasticbodiws this section that helped me open up my thoracic spine, was the Overgrip Bent Lean.


My Gymnastic Bodies Review

Sounds like a good Friday night. My favourite exercise of this block for discovering the importance of the glutes for holding the legs in position, was the Straddle Up. And this was the integrated mobility exercise, the Jefferson Curl.

For those of you that know of Ido PortalI can see where he got his ideas for weighted stretching from. And it is just a static position.

I would definitely recommend this exercise to all, just be sure not to hyper-extend your lower back when you do it, aim for a more anterior pelvic tilt by pressing your hips into the mat. The next progression from this hold is the same position, but a rock. I tried it but found I just kept crushing my penis in to the floor.

The only exercise in the whole Foundation One ohe that felt like conditioning. And it had to be for the legs. I thought I was going to cruise this stage, and instead it took me 7 weeks to hit 5 sets of 15 reps. It just felt so dirty.

One of the best parts of the Foundation One programme foundatin this idea of Mastery and Mastery Templates. The Ggmnasticbodies bit is simple — do no progress to the next exercise, unless you have completed the required mastery number of sets and reps. The Mastery Templates come in when you cannot quite reach the requirements. You refer to the gjmnasticbodies, and you can see exactly how many sets and reps you need to complete and how far away you are from reaching Mastery level.

Here are a couple of the templates which show you how to reach a required hold gymnasticbocies 60 seconds or 15 repetitions, respectively. Every 4th week is a scheduled deload week, hence why the reps are reduced.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results – harrycloudfootharrycloudfoot

Whenever you fail your reps, in any exercise, you can refer to these tables as a pathway to success. I gynmasticbodies the whole Foundation One template very well programmed, a lot founadtion thought and practical experience has gone in to its design. That was my original motive after hearing a podcast with Coach Sommer and discovering what his basic requirements of strength were; I was so foundatikn at what he was asking, I thought it was time to test my ability and see where my weaknesses lay.

I have discovered I have many! If I return to complete another 8 week block in the future, it would make sense ghmnasticbodies start where I have left off. I would like to see what effect performing mobility exercises between weights sets, has on improving conditioning and overall mobility.


It is such an efficient use of time and really tests your ability to recover between sets. I am also keen to see how using some of the prescribed working exercises and mobility exercises would fare up when used as Accessory exercises within a strength and conditioning programme.

This is definitely something I am exploring next…. Where can I find the full program? I am a gymnastics Coach and always keen to see new systems — there are some really interesting ideas in here.

Hi Jo, Thanks for your comment — so the full programme for book one is all over the internet. Gymnasticbodie of course you can always purchase the foundations programmes from the Gymnastic Bodies website like a good citizen, too. Haha, Kateryna, unfortunately not, but I can tell you all the training onne is out there on the internet. Just got to dig a little deeper! Was trying to maintain an anterior pelvic tilt all that you needed to maintain a comfortable ABH?


I know that gymnastcbodies order to maintain gymnasticbodids posterior pelvic tilt, you have to squeeze your butt as hard as possible.

Hi Nathan, Cheers for getting in touch. Gjmnasticbodies hyper extending your lower back looks very similar to an anterior pelvic tilt?

What was your training schedule like? Hi Joel, Cheers for your comment — I did 4 days a week on F1. If you look in H1, there is a programming schedule to achieve both F1 and H1 side-by-side. If you can do the Incline you should be able to do the Hinge, just make sure you are using the correct technique. Did you do the training courses on the GB website?

Are they videos with instruction voice narration? I bought the DVDs years ago and it was just video of guys demonstrating the moves. It was really hard to learn from. I contacted the GB website with the same foundationn and got no response. Hi Ben, No, I did not do the courses.

I got hold of the PDFs and learnt from them.

Progressions and explanations are far more helpful, which is what the books offer. Which book are you referring too? Sorry for the stupid questions. Could you please help? Any tips for the Hollow Body? The final thing to look at is the tightness of your hip flexors. What would you suggest me?

Hi Konstantinos, Thanks for your comment. So, do you mean you can only do 3 repetitions of regular push ups?

I would suggest that you keep trying! It will take time but you will get there. How many times a week are you training? In F1, should i do all the sets and reps without a rest in between?