This is one of the overlooked gems of GURPS, in my opinion: GURPS Banestorm : Abydos, by David Pulver. In the interest of full disclosure. Abydos: The merest whisper of the name sends shivers down the spines of the God-fearing people of Yrth. What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great . RPG Item: GURPS Banestorm: Abydos ยท Post Thread. Title, RSS, Threads, Posts, Last Post. Reviews. Post your game reviews in this forum. Click here for help on.

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The latest volume of Pyramid alternates its monthly issues between three broad themes: Each individual issue is also dedicated to a specific topic, ranging from established GURPS settings such as Infinite Worlds and Transhuman Space to specific genres hurps cliffhangers and martial arts to special-interest topics such as space colonies or tools for wizards.

But sometimes you want to shake things up.

GURPS Banestorm

Think “outside the dungeon. This month’s untraditional treasures include “Pointless Slaying and Looting,” Dungeon Fantasy mastermind Sean Punch’s guide to getting into the crypt-crawling game even faster by getting rid of character points.

Design your heroes by picking from a few ready-made packages, and go go go! If we’re ever to dwell among the stars, the odds are good we’ll be using spaceships.

Fortunately, this month’s Pyramid will help ensure you’re not caught empty-handed and star-struck! This armada of adventure includes “Reign of Steel: Pulver takes that setting abtdos two decades into the future. Learn about spaceships in GURPS Spaceships format from the various robot factions and get an extensive look at the desperate world of This month’s issue celebrates the first 10 years of the Fourth Edition.


Many of the authors who’ve brought the Fourth Edition to life are here, revisiting classic supplements with new options and material.

This star-studded installment includes “Destination: Abydos,” Basic Set co-author David L. Dungeons and zombies and troops โ€” oh, my!

You can move mountains if you put your mind to it. This month’s issue looks at the power of the mind. Add dozens of new perks and minor abilities to campaigns where psionics are not the focus, but would still be fun as a little spice.

Arcane forces can be pretty wild. This month’s manuscript looks at how the natural and supernatural collide. This preternatural publication presents “The Magic Desert,” a sandy site to explore or escape.

The Edge of Reality author Matt Riggsby, it includes detailed information on this location’s landscape, flora, and fauna โ€” including GURPS stats for a half-dozen threats for fantasy heroes to encounter. A grim determination to make the world a more subjugated place isn’t always enough. Whether aabydos a fantasy monarch, a superspy mastermind, or a Nazi officer, hurps you need an extra edge.

This month’s Pyramid looks at resources that villains can use to bring their goals to fruition. This sinister installment includes “You and What Army? George’s Cathedral author Michele Armellini.

An Antique | Man to Man | BoardGameGeek

Learn each of these five groups’ tactics, their leaders’ motivations, and their Mass Combat stats. Mystic circles, arcane pacts, and fundamental forces you don’t want to defy โ€” such are oft the ways of magic.


This month’s Pyramid presents a look at magic abdyos doing the impossible means following the rules. This supplement-sized feature is sure to offer untold opportunities for practitioners of Ritual Abydow Magic! This month’s Pyramid offers new GURPS character-creation options, rules you can use, and ways to work together like never before.

Set sail for adventure upon the seven seas. This month’s Pyramid hoists the Jolly Roger and swings from a chandelier to find maritime muses in unlikely ports.

Get four new template options, over a dozen weapons that’ll give them an “edge,” and insight into power-up possibilities. Don’t settle for being stuck in the same old universe when there are infinite worlds to explore!

This month’s Pyramid reports on what’s new in realms beyond, with features that are sure to interest GURPS Infinite Worlds fans or others looking to broaden their horizons with new rules and possibilities. Get started with a sampling of 20 “spells” plus guidelines for making more.

You can also check out the introduction and table of contents for any issue of Pyramidavailable via Warehouse 23!