Gersony also identified RPF leaders responsible for the killings. The classified U.N. “Gersony Report” has never been released. Sections of the ‘Gersony Report’ . In , as the UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale. Gersony Report” is the name given to the unpublished findings made by a team under American Robert Gersony under contract to the.

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The same thing happened the next day and the day after. They reporh some from existing sites for the displaced in Kigali, like the Amahoro stadium or the Roi Faysal hospital, and collected others as they moved from house to house in those neighborhoods that they controlled in the city. He was said to have protected more than fifty people, Tutsi and Hutu, at his home in Kacyiru during the genocide. Through extensive travel on secondary and tertiary roads, the team observed that significant geographical areas of southern Kibungo and southern and eastern Butare prefectures were virtually deserted, while others were partially populated with varying degrees of apparent stability and security.

Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale massacres emanated out of the countryside. Its regulations supposedly specified that a new cell could be formally constituted only if the group included Hutu as well as Tutsi. They were moved to Ruhango for several days and then the group was divided. Notify me of gsrsony comments via email.

Foreign humanitarianworkers who tried to approach the site were prevented from doing so by RPF soldiers, but from a distance they could see that the building had been damaged, apparently by the blast of grenades.

Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed.

At the end of June and the beginning of July, RPF authorities ordered the people in the central prefecture of Gitarama to move east to the region of Bugesera, in the southern part of Kigali prefecture. Some individuals who are too old or too sick to flee to a neighboring country or to hide in the swamps, remain at their homes.


Major Sam Bigabiro, who was reportedly implicated in the Mukingi killings, was later convicted by an RPA military court of having directed a similar slaughter in the nearby commune of Runda on July 2.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. The Gerxony of Rwanda, the UNHCR and the international community have placed considerable emphasis on the early return of all refugees, and gedsony those who fled Rwanda during the past year. According to one witness, Kagame personally inquired about this case when the DMI seized Seburikoko at the end of April or beginning of May.

When the meeting was convoked again, dozens more people came. Before AprilRPF leaders were well aware of preparations for the killing campaign.

The Gersony Report: It’s Findings and more.

Moose remarked, however, that the U. Large numbers of bodies are reported to remain above the ground, where some are partially consumed by dogs.

The report was indeed embargoed: Kayumba Nyamwasa, then deputy head of the general staff of the National Police and effectively the head of military intelligence.

Boutros-Ghali and some of his subordinates were concerned not just about the extent of the abuses alleged and the eventual impact of the information on the still fragile Rwandan government, but also about the negative publicity for UNAMIR and other U.

According to the witness, the bodies were burned and what remained was buried. We have no direct confirmation of his most serious charges, but there is some indirect corroboration. Gersony briefed the commission in Geneva. Once the genocide began, RPF forces sought to locate and protect some Hutu leaders of political parties and civil society, arranging for their transport behind RPF lines as soon as it was possible. On the basis of that information they took away some eighty people who were never seen again.


When a survivor at Kabuga asked the RPF officer Gasore about the fate of people at Ndera, near Kigali, he is said to have replied that probably everyone in that region was dead, whether Hutu or Tutsi. Human Rights Field Operation from entering such places as the area near the veterinary school in Butare where killings had reportedly taken place on a large scale see below.

Both arrests and physical abuse of local residents were credibly reported in some areas of Gisenyi prefecture to which refugees had returned from Zaire and in some sectors from which the population had never fled. After several weeks I went to the authorities to ask where my husband was. Follow me on Twitter Send me stuff. Roughly half of the interviewees in Zaire indicated that they had been urged to flee by former Government civilian and military officials in their home areas, or that on their own volition they had decided to flee with or immediately ahead of former army soldiers because of a general fear of the RPA not necessarily linked to direct negative experience.

In some cases, RPF soldiers simply assumed that any people still alive in a community had killed Tutsi.

Of the twenty-one arrested insix were tried by June and all found guilty. The public would even be gesony in later years that the report never existed.