I have designed my pattern by looking at many, many pictures online, to get a good idea of what a gambeson should look like. I have looked at other people’s. Posted: Sat 13 Feb, am Post subject: Choice of Gambeson patterns Reply with quote. Hi, I’m preparing to do a suit of mid-late 15th Century armor. Period Pattern ™ No Medieval Military Garments. Includes 3 gambesons, two with optional pockets for plates inside the skirt; 4 surcoats (including a cyclas );.

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Rancho Mirage, CA Joined: This is a standard topic. Sat 13 Feb, gambexon Choice of Gambeson patterns I am inclined to make a lightly-padded Charles de Blois version like Ian LaSpina made, but I am curious as whether folks thought that there was a better style of gambeson for use with a brigandine. De gustibus non disputandum est.

Sat 13 Feb, 8: What is your kingdom calibration and standard and are you planning on using this for rebated steel combat as well? Also, what sorta of materiel are you planning on constructing the brig out of?

  ASTM F2412-05 PDF

Spring steel, mild steel, aluminum, aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, also, the thickness of the metal. Sat 13 Feb, 9: I live in Caid; I’m not sure what the “official” calibration or standard level is.

I am very new at this. My general attitude is that, if there is clear contact, I will take the blow. While I don’t mind the occasional “sting”, I don’t want large welts or bruises. So I would like armor that is properly protective, and I assume people will be hitting me as hard as they can.


The brigandine I am looking at buying will be hardened spring steel under wool. I do not know its thickness. I am considering purchasing it from Aleksey Perebeynos.

Arms, legs, and helmet will be stainless; arms and legs will be 16g.

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Thank you for your input! Dave De gustibus non disputandum est.

I understand and know how to make a period doublet; but I have not seen anything which has the technical capacity of the poirpoint gambeson in terms of mobility of arms, stability of leg mounts, etc. Are there extant examples or patterns of midth century gambesons?


Cheers, Dave De gustibus non disputandum est. There’s a lot of change in fashion between Look at this arming doublet from c.

Sun 14 Feb, 7: Thank you for the links, Mart. I had actually been considering the padded shoulder version shown in the Reconstructing History link; a photo of that style with a brigandine is here: The padded shoulders appear to be a substitute for armor.

Choice of Gambeson patterns —

But I suppose you could add brigantine spaulders over those: Thanks, Dave De gustibus non disputandum est. Sun 14 Feb, 9: A number patterj contemporary depictions seem to show spaulders made in a similar globose form.

Jan van Eyk’s heroic armor for St. George in the van der Paele Madonna springs to mind. Sun 14 Feb, The padded shoulder with a brigandine spaulder seems like the way to go!

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