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I had read some good things about FTL’s earliest edition. The author had a big hand in The Morrow Project (which receives a cameo in the FTL: FTL v2 – This is a reprint of the classic FTL Faster Than Light is a role-playing game of adventure and planetar. FTL: is a science fiction game of with two sets of rules: very complex and fairly simple. It features over 30 alien races and presents them in.

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Inthere was an expanded edition, and ina two-volume version of the game was released. Book One covered character creation, alien races, combat, equipment, and some scenarios.

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Book Two included the extensive Star-System-generation system, several campaign setups, and more background information on the overall campaign. Humans have developed faster-than-light travel. The game focus is, instead of a gleaming high-tech space setting or space battlefield, more of an industrial space-as-workplace view of the galaxy.


Humanity has made contact with a number of alien races and is a primary force in the intergalactic governing body, ISCO. Characters face the trials of maintaining and operating a starship. While not a war-based setting, there are hostile races.

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The game has been compared, in look and feel, to movies and settings such as OutlandSpace Rangersand Fireflyin that each of these present the galaxy as a less-than-perfect place. The game uses the same base system as Tri Tac’s other releases, Fringeworthy and Bureau The system requires the use of a full set of polyhedral dice, pencils and paper.

Forms, such as character sheets and other record sheets, are provided in the book, with permission to photocopy for personal use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Cover of the first edition.