FTII Question Paper Answers Previous Year Model Papers free download Film Art Direction and Production Design Question Papers. FTII Question Paper for Direction Entrance – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Exam Pattern: Fill in the Blanks -5 marks General Knowledge marks CAT type Short notes. FTII Pune Entrance Direction Exam Question Paper. 1.

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Education and Career Forum. I appeared for the direction, so I am sharing the questions as far as I can remember.

Section 1 – 60 marks 15 marks fill in the blanks and rest subjective Section 2 – 40 marks All subjective Section 1 Fill in the blanks 1. Author of book Hungry Tides 2.

Nobel prize winner for Literature in 3.

Father of Akbar 4. First Indian to win Oscar 5. Some Mahadev Temple is located in 6.


FTII Question Paper 2010 – Direction

First sound recordist of India to Win Oscar 7. Director of movie old DON 8.

Describe an Indian literary character and analyse the directjon with the historical, social and political context during the time of the character.

Recent TV Serial you have seen and type of ADS that come in break and describe how it fits with the audience for the program.

FTII Question Paper Answers Previous Year Model Papers free download

Recent movie which you have seen and describe Indian Contemporary cinema. Write short notes on a. Maoism in India c. Write a story based on the picture given The image consists of an old man standing beside a car with the backdrop as slum type houses 6.

FTII Direction Question Papers Previous Year Old Past Paper 2016

Two individuals meet at airport are leaving the country for good, describe the conversation between them. The questions given here may not be exact as I quesfion tried to post it from my memory.

Syllabus and question paper pattern of FTII entrance exam? How to get admission in FTII in film direction? How to crack FTII entrance exam? Is Pune ftii is good?


FTII Question Paper – Direction

FTII entrance exam question papers for cinematography course? Eligibility criteria for film direction course under FTII? Syllabus and Preparation Tips? Dear friend The complete question paper of FTII entrance in direction stream with answers is attached with this message.

Please find it into the attachments. Originally Posted by rajanivedha. Direction is my passion. I want to crack d exam of ftii and want to study in sound design engineering. Please you have the all prepared question paper in other information. Do you have any question? Thank You Attached Files. Originally Posted by rajanivedha hi