Ein Taschen-Ratgeber aus der Reihe „Business English“. Schutzgebühr: 14,95 €. Die wichtigsten. Formulierungen für englische. Geschäftsbriefe. Presented by. Applying for a vacancy. I wish to apply for the advertised post. Ich möchte mich um die ausgeschrie- bene Stelle bewerben. I would like you to consider my appli- . 25 Produkte in Bewerbung & Karriere. Duden Trainer Persönlicher Erfolg Bewerben auf Englisch · 18,95 € Duden Ratgeber – Professionelles Bewerben .

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Unser Muster-Motivationsschreiben dient nur als Anregung und sollte nicht 1: Passe die Daten immer an deine eigene Situation und Vorstellung an.

Viel Erfolg beim Bewerben! Dear Sir or Madam. I would like to introduce myself as a proper candidate for a semester abroad at the University of International Business and Economics in Bejing and illustrate my motivation in detail. bewerbun


Currently, I am studying Business Administration M. During this time, I worked for an international company in which I got to know the French culture, as well as gained first experience about how to deal with other cultures in the workaday life.

After my graduation I aim for a leadership position in the marketing department of a global acting company. To fulfill this position at the best and to be prepared for the daily work in an international environment, I would like to complement my master’s degree with a semester abroad in Asia.

Since I have never been on a different continent and my first time abroad has been in Europe, I would now like to look at a wider picture and dive into the fascinating world of Asia.

The University of International Business and Economics located in the heart of China in Bejing, provides a great opportunity to discover the Chinese culture, Chinese food and the emerging economy of Asia. Furthermore, my personal goal is to learn in addition to English another foreign language.


For this reason and in preparation for the semester abroad I have started to learn Mandarin since my first semester in a Chinese language course. The semester abroad would give me the chance firmulierungshilfen deepen my skills in a very fast and efficient way.

If you have any further questions I am always at your disposal.

Duden | Duden Ratgeber – Professionelles Bewerben

I look forward to hearing from you. Mit uns findest du dein Traumstudium!

Wir bringen dich zum Master Finde bei uns das passende Studium an deiner Traumhochschule! Yours sincerely, Erika Musterfrau. Weitere Websites von Staufenbiel Institut staufenbiel.