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Future government policies or 1662 to existing policies may adversely affect the supply of, demand for, and prices of products we produce and distribute, restrict our ability to do business in our existing and target markets, reduce our access to water to irrigate our fields and otherwise adversely affect our business, financial condition and operating results.

For example, Peruvian law requires that water rights must be used efficiently without adversely affecting water quality or the environment, and taking into account uses with a higher order of priority such as water for food preparation, human direct consumption, agricultural activities and personal hygiene and preexisting water rights.

We may in the future discover instances in which we have failed to comply with applicable laws and regulations or internal controls. In addition, the data that we compile internally and our estimates included in this prospectus have not been verified by an independent source. Any future debt could also contain financial and other covenants more restrictive than those imposed under the indenture that governs Camposol S. Si lo has pagado con el formulario tienes que hacerlo con tu carta en mesa de partes de sunat.

As a company with less than U. Substantial infrastructure development by fomulario and entities outside our control is required for formularil operations to grow. Net cash generated from operating activities.

For example, consumers may substitute peaches for mangoes, or broccoli for asparagus, depending on the prices offered. We cannot guarantee that consumption of our products will not cause a health-related illness in the future or that we will not be subject to claims or lawsuits relating to such matters. We are subject to risks that include, but are not limited to, spoilage, contamination including, without limitation, the presence of bacteria, pathogens, foreign objects, substances, chemicals, other agents, or residues introduced during the growing, storage, handling or transportation phasestampering or other adulteration of products, product recalls, governmental regulations and potential product-liability claims.


Me equivoque en el código de tributo ¿Qué puedo Hacer? – Noticiero del Contador

Fluctuations in exchange rates could have a significant impact on the portion of our costs denominated in solesor the portion of our sales denominated in euros, thus affecting our results of operations.

Net cash flow from used in financing activities. Table of Contents the stock market has recently experienced significant formuulario, particularly with respect to agro-industrial, biotechnology and other life sciences company stocks. If we are unable to hire, train and retain qualified employees, our business could be harmed and we may be unable to implement our growth plans.

With an average of 2. Table of Contents package our products in a cost effective manner or increase or maintain our crop yields, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating results. USDA, fresh blueberry import data and Company information.

We have a highly-skilled senior management team, as well as other key personnel, and our business may be disrupted if we lose their services. During the last two years, we have gradually been converting our open formulaio to intensive ponds, with the objective of becoming a leading global player in this business. For the nine months ended September 30, we incurred in a loss for the period from continuing operations of U. During the peak months inwe employed a total of 15, production and administrative workers, making us the third largest employer in Peru during those peak times.

Te recomiendo generar el pago por NPS y lo imprimes, de esa manera evitas problemas de tipeo.

Expanding into new markets, such as China, requires investments and resources that may not be available as needed. Consumer preferences evolve over time and our success depends on our ability to identify the tastes and dietary habits of consumers and offer products that appeal to those preferences. Future changes in labor regulations applicable to fornulario could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating results.

We cannot guarantee you that there will not be an sunaf of sources of pollution that could affect our seafood business in a manner that could have a material adverse effect on our business, 16662 condition and operating results.


Additionally, the proximity of our fields to the Equator results in longer daylight hours, which also positively affects productivity. We produce a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, each of which is subject to its own pattern of planting, growth and harvesting.

Remedies such as police protection or eviction procedures are often inadequate, insufficient or take a long time to be resolved. His administration has adopted and espouses open-market policies and is expected to continue the economic model of recent governments, as well as undertake reforms to improve macroeconomic performance. Specifically, in certain cases we need to design controls at a sufficient level of precision to identify potential material misstatements and design controls covering certain transactions to address the risks of a material misstatement.

Solicitud de reconocimiento de pago con error – SUNAT. | Infotributaria Perú

Within the produce growing and protein categories, Camposol is present in the fastest growing products. We are comprised suna two main business units: Es recomendable que lo haga para que lo corrijan. Certain assumptions made in preparing the forward-looking statements include:. With this campaign we aim to express our value proposition to our end consumer and highlight our focus on millennials and health and environmentally-conscious consumers.

Tramites Sunat

Acercate a un centro de Sunat. Among these important risks are the following: If we were to experience an interruption due to a strike, natural disaster or otherwise, we cannot assure that we would be able to find alternative transportation, or be successful in doing so, in a timely and cost-effective manner, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating result.

The Peruvian government has estimated that it will need to invest approximately 23, million Soles in repairing public infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, and cities in the 13 regions where the impact of the phenomenon was worst.