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Tagged Andrea Rossi, charged cluster, E-Cat, electron cluster, eugene podkletnov, EVO, Exotic Vacuum Object, gravity impulse beam. Some Emerging Possibilities – ; Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity – Podkletnov Paper with Giovanni Modanese – scribd – Document in PDF. The recent announcement by Russian scientist, Eugene Podkletnov, that he has invented an anti-gravity machine, which was to be described.

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February Cover Story”.

It cannot be podkletmov in the framework of general relativity. Navy, and a leading ufologist. Since leaving Tampere in Podkletnov has avoided public contact or appearances. Please take note of the references to different types of induced electric fields with unique properties.

Gravity Generator

The detection of apparent anomalous forces in the vicinity of high-Tc superconductors under non-equilibrium conditions has stimulated an experimental research in which the operating parameters of the experiment have been pushed to values higher than those employed in previous attempts.

Nobody seems to know where she is working nowadays. Russian physicists Russian inventors Anti-gravity Living people Hypothetical technology Materials scientists and engineers Superconductivity Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology alumni. Enter your email for free updates…. Here is a longer video of the Floyd Sweet Device: Vuorinen, listed as the paper’s coauthor, disavowed prior knowledge of the paper and claimed that the name was used without consent.

If you believe you can help, please reply. He worked with John Bedini, Tom Beardon, and W alter Rosenthal, but he was paranoid about not sharing the details of how his device worked.

Mark Hugo on the Rife Microscope. Usually, such a beautiful generalization is found to stem from a single deep underlying principle. Thomson, James Clerk Maxwell, Oliver Heaviside and Hendrik Lorentz all worked on the electromagnetic force equations around the same time.


It appears she then started working with Boeing Co. Albert Einstein — Special Theory of Relativity: Podkletnov further added that this beam produced no recoil on the superconducting emitter itself. According to the account Podkletnov gave to Wired reporter Charles Platt in a phone interview, during a experiment with a rotating superconducting disc:.

Ed McCullough on Lunar Colonization. Michael Faraday discovered the law of induction from changing magnetic fields, around the same time as Joseph Henry. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In other words, what appears as an electric field will appear as a magnetic field in another frame of reference for the same experiment. Hooper says there is an electrostatic electric field as well as the motional and transformer type electric field.

These experiments can be seen in this video below.

May 11, at The origin of the electromagnetic force is in the nucleus of the atom and is a magnetic field created by induction when aproton is transformed into a neutron and vice versa by the exchange podkoetnov a pion. Email will not be published required.

History of Electro-Gravity Research

The Floyd Sweet Device has nothing to do with vacuum triodes or amplifiers. Podkletnov has indicated that despite the publicity this provided for his research, it also led to negative feedback from peers in the scientific community, and ultimately pushed him towards private financing for his research. Mark Hugo podkletnkv Cold Fusion. Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist formerly with the U.


Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

CS1 Finnish-language sources fi CS1 maint: James Clerk Maxwell discovered the mathematical laws of electromagnetism, building on the work of Faraday. Hoverboard with Anti-gravity Technology? On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies pdf. Godin has reported some amazing results.

Townsend Brown Some of his research during that time may have been classified so we may not have podkletnog the latest public research findings.

My idea uses only known, proven and accepted facts of physics. He also says the motional electric field the dielectric field has unique properties and that it is not shieldable. This paper is largely ignored by the Floyd Sweet fans that are trying to replicate his device. I believe if podklwtnov information about how gravity works is taken seriously it will be shone to be as good or better than any idea thus far.

Eugene Podkletnov discusses gravity shielding effects in rotating superconductors and recent experiments with a gravity impulse generator. Also during the telephone interview with Platt, Podkletnov said that he was continuing to work on gravitation, claiming that with new collaborators at an unnamed “chemical research center” in Moscow he has built a new device. Ning Li did some interesting theoretical and experimental work on interactions of superconductivity and gravity.

Mark Hugo on Global Warming. However, Hendrik Lorentz derived the modern form of the electromagnetic force equation Lorentz Forcewhich includes both the electric and magnetic forces Laplace force. BBC did a great documentary on gravity euggene astrophysics research.