Essentials of E-commerce Technology by V. Rajaraman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. ESSENTIALS OF E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGY – Ebook written by V. RAJARAMAN. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC. by V. Rajaraman: Essentials of E-Commerce Technology. ISBN: # | Date: Description: PDFd6 | This book is designed to acquaint the readers.

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PDF⋙ Essentials of E-commerce Technology by V. Rajaraman – abelinomannaMr

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Rajaraman books to read online.

Essentials of E-commerce Technology by V. Rajaraman

Rajaraman Essentials of E-commerce Technology by V. Rajaraman PDF, ePub eBook D0wnl0ad The book presents a layered architecture of e-commerce systems with six laye the physical layer the bottommost layer described first, provides the basic communication infrastructure needed by e commerce.

The next layer described is the logical layer consisting of local area networks, the internet, intranet, etc. The layer above is the network services layer which provides e-mail and world wide web applications. Above this is a very important messaging layer of e-commerce which provides facilities for exchanging messages securely using the communication infrastructure.

  ISO 3601-1 PDF

Here various methods of encryption, public key infrastructure and digital signature are discussed. It is also explained as to how the messaging layer is used to exchange structured electronic documents, using xml.

The next layer called middleman services layer, describes the design of home page of an organization and elaborates various payment services such as credit card, e cash, smart card, etc.

The topmost layer is on applications, namely, b2c, b2b and c2c e commerce which are defined and described at the beginning of the book.


As use of mobile phones and mobile network is rapidly increasing, a whole chapter is devoted to explain m-commerce. Of special interest are detailed discussions of wireless application protocol, security issues and payment methods.

A complete chapter is also devoted to new developments in multimedia information goods such as e-books, mp3 compressed audio and digital quality video. A unique feature of these goods is the method of delivery which also uses the mobile internet infrastructure. Finally, the legal framework of e-commerce provided od the information technology act and the amended act of is explained. Read Essentials of E-commerce Technology by V.

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