Esky honey bee cp3 manual pdf. 2 21 7 06 20 PM, error Service Control. Manager – The Windows Search service terminated unexpectedly. Items 1 – 24 of 45 Esky honey bee cp3 instruction manual. Item Name:ESKY 4 in 1 Controller Receiver Item NO Brand: Esky Compatible with. Discussion HoneyBee CP3 setup Beginner Training Area (Heli-Electric) get pitch 0 at low stich and +7 at high stick according to the manual.

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HoneyBee CP3 setup – RC Groups

Apr 08, I just dont seem to get this right. My idle up switch is in the normal flight settings. Just get the head centered in it’s travel and the pitch set to 0.

Don’t worry about the max. This is the whole point of owning a computer radio. Once you have the rotor pitch set initially, then you have to spin up the rotors and make sure they are traveling in the same plane, again you will adjust the short links to do this. One more thing, I don’t know what radio you have, but if it’s one that has a pitch adjust nob, you need to make sure its in the default position or else you will get the wrong setup on the head.


The pitch adjust will only effect the pitch when in normal mode, it is overriden in idle modes. As I recall, there isn’t anything you can adjust on the CP V3 to set max pitch, anyway.

Originally Posted by Balr Apr 09, I set the pitch to be around 0 mnaual low throttle stick. Is there more room for the head to travel? Was this heli used or new?

What transmitter are you using? May 25, May 28, Jul 25, Last honeg by brownviper; Jul 25, at Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Discussion HoneyBee CP3 setup this is driving me nutz I m trying really hard to get the pitch setting right for this heli. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

Cp3 honey bee manual – vuqxrpmece –

Balr14 Cranky old fart. May 05, Apr 06, Esky Honeybee CP3 Chassis replacement? Mar 15, Mar 05, Config 9Csuper for Honeybe CP2. Yoney 19,