A thermoalkalophilic new species of Bacillus, similar to Bacillus arseniciselenatis DSM , produced extracellular xylanase under solid. Xylanase is the name given to a class of enzymes which degrade the linear polysaccharide beta-1,4-xylan into xylose, thus breaking down hemicellulose, one of. Partial characterization of an extracellular xylanase isolated by chromatography from Bacillus subtilis gave a molecular weight of 32, and optimum pH and.

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International Journal of Microbiology

Xylan is a major structural polysaccharide in plant cells. It constitutes the major component of hemicellulose, which is a component of plant cell walls. Xylanase is naturally present in all biological systems.

It can be selectively isolated from plants, animals and microorganisms. This releases water and makes it available for gluten hydration.


Xylanase functions best in the range of 30 o C to 40 o C 86 o F to o Fand is usually denatured at temperatures above 45 o C o F. In breadmaking, xylanase is used in dough conditioners.

Xylanase | Baking Ingredients | BAKERpedia

Water-insoluble pentosans interfere with the gluten network. Xylanase can randomly hydrolyze the pentosan backbone and decrease its degree of polymerization. The use of xylanase leads to nezim dough flexibility, machinability and stability, as well as a larger volume and an improved crumb structure. Xylanase is usually blended with other dough conditioners.

Information on how to dose xylanase should be obtained from the xyanase sheet produced by the xylanase manufacturer, especially because different types and strengths of xylanase are available.

Glucose oxidase can be used together with xylanase to avoid the sticky dough caused by over-dosing xylanase.

Xylanase Research Papers –

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Origin Xylanase is naturally present in all biological systems. enzij

Commercial production Commercial production of xylanase is achieved from microorganisms, especially fungi. Application Xylanase is usually blended with other dough conditioners.

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