Product Description: Elcometer DC Holiday Detector. Manufactured by: Elcometer Limited, Manchester, England is a registered trademark of Elcometer. The Elcometer revolutionises high voltage DC testing of coatings porosity detection making it safer, easier and more reliable than ever Elcometer. 1 / 4. Elcometer DC Holiday Detector. V2: Can be used in accordance with: ANSI/AWWA C AS ASTM D

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Authorised Service and Repairs Service and repairs on all leading spray equipment brands. Specialised ribbing provides superior protection while an optional second hand grip is ideal rlcometer two handed use. Cookies Policy Prime uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience elcmoeter our website. Visit Holiday Tests explained for more information on Elcometsr Detection, and finding the correct holiday detector for your application. Battery pack Can be recharged inside or outside the gauge for continued use.

The beep volume can also be adjusted to ensure it can be heard – even in noisy environments. The complete product with battery and battery charger fit into a custom designed plastic case to protect it when not in use and for transport from job to job.

Enter the test standard and the coating thickness and the gauge will automatically programme the correct voltage. The closed loop system ensures that the generated test voltage is accurately measured and continuously controlled, regardless of climatic conditions.

  CNR UNI 10006 PDF

This holiday tester features a built-in voltage calculator which will determine and set the correct test voltage based upon the test standard elfometer the thickness of coating being tested. Corrosion is caused by two things — a steel substrate and oxygen, while contaminants such as water can accelerate the process. Description The Elcometer lecometer detector can be used to test porosity on wlcometer up to 7 mm mils thick and is ideal for inspecting coatings on pipelines and other protective coatings.

A full range of accessories including rolling springs, wire brush probes and batteries. Can be recharged inside or outside the gauge for continued use. Elcometer Features Voltage calculator automatically sets the correct voltage from your coating elfometer value No need to use look up tables. Register your product and receive an additional 12 months extended warranty service. Measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure.

DC Porosity Holiday detector. Online orders will ship on January 2, Elcometer UV Pinhole Flashlight UV light can be used as a low cost, quick method of detecting pinholes in coatings.

When a flaw is detected dlcometer backlight also flashes. Elcometer Pinhole Detector A wet sponge pinhole detector, ideal for powder coatings. Enter the test standard and the coating thickness and the gauge will automatically program the correct voltage.

Visual alarms are provided by Blue Flashing LED and sparking at the location of the coating flaw whilst an audible alarm is elcoemter by the gauge to alert the operator when a flaw has been detected.


Elcometer Holiday Detector Product code: Using advanced modern technology the Elcometer DC Holiday Detector allows for the detection of porosity in coatings to be completed easier, faster, safer and more reliable than ever before.

DC Holiday Detector | Elcometer

Elcometer Holiday Detector Data Sheet. Automatically sets the correct voltage from your coating thickness value. The warranty can be extended to two years here. Elcometer Safety Features Dual safety switch on handle to avoid accidental switch on. Add to Cart Related Items. Audible and visual alarms are activated when a flaw is detected Bright LEDs on the handle, as well as a loud audible alarm, clearly indicate if the gauge is on Red and when a spark is detected Blue.

Agias Zonis 5G Limassol, Cyprus.

Elcometer 266 DC Holiday Detector

Does echo to echo. Elcometer Holiday Detector Probe Handle 0.

High voltage testing has never been safer. JavaScript is required for this content. The Elcometer holiday detector is designed to be used on coatings up to 7. Please complete the form below and one of our sales representatives will contact you with further details about this product.