Know more about Eirenaeus Philalethes | News and views about people around the world | Our first look at a New World alchemist. We look at Eirenaeus Philalethes and the person behind the name, George Starkey. He’s one of the. Philalethes, Eirenaeus: Collectanea Chymica: A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chymistry, Concerning The Liquor Alkahest, The Mercury of Philosophers.

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His influence on Boyle’s work and discoveries in chymistry is indisputable. It is unlikely that any alchemist of the period could have mistaken this unequivocal description of Spiessglanz, antimony trisul.

Hence by employing the twin strategies of figurative language eirejaeus dispersion de la science, Starkey and his fellows managed to compose treatises of remarkable difficulty.

For Ibn Umail, cf. Starkey claimed that his books were based on the experimental method and a desire to reform the state of medicine, but only vague processes were given for his medicaments. Novis Quibusdam Animadversionibus Explanatus. Available for download now.

Works published under the name of Philalethes. Of greater imperative to the reader, however, was an author who could convincingly decipher the philaleethes enigmata of the art.

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Aries pgilalethes turn belongs to the trinity of constellations including Leo and Sagittarius, called the fiery triplicity Equally important, Starkey learned valuable metallurgical secrets from investors and employees of the Hammersmith ironworks at Saugus, which was in full operation during his time in New England. Longman, Green, Let us quote another passage from the Ripley commentary in order to confirm the identity of the sordid whore:.

To the end, Starkey remained faithful to the Flemish iatrochemist that he revered. Within it is the lady, but now accompanied by a king dressed in beaten gold.


What Philalethes is doing here eireneaus establishing himself as the legitimate heir of Ripley’s alchemy: The dissolution of his rival alarms him not a bit, but Philalethes is concerned about the fate of his lady. Learn more at Author Central. After the death of the elder Stirk, Starkey was sent to New England around to continue his studies.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Little is known of Starkey’s early education. We have already eireneaus that we are supposed to mix the star regulus of antimony with vulgar mercury in order to arrive at the philosophical mercury. It is clear, then, that Carl Jung is even today a force to be reckoned with in the historiography of alchemy.

As Barbara Obrist has shown in her pioneering study of alchemical imagery, however, it was only during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries that this imagistic language came to be translated into actual illuminations By syncope I mean the elliptical description of an alchemical process, substance, or even apparatus, with the intent to conceal.


Finally, in —, Starkey’s creditors caught up with him. One of eirenaeis is Eirenaeus Philalethes, the pen name of George Starkeya native of Bermuda who was educated at Harvard College, and who later immigrated to London.

As Ferguson relates, Olaus Borrichius knew the son of the elder d’Espagnet. Only then may we understand the role of alchemy in seventeenth century culture at large. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries.

George Starkey – Wikipedia

In case anyone did miss the point, however, Philalethes tells us at another point in the Ripley commentary that we should:. Marvelling that this man has found processes in d’Espagnet and Sendivogius that he never dreamed of, Philalethes supposes that this is due to the peculiar light of the place.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Introitus apertus, arguably Philalethes’ most widely read work, divides the alchemical work into seven stages or regimens. I intend them to be used as more or less arbitrary termini technici. There is a lesson to be drawn from this — that even the most humble tools and operations of alchemy will be allegorized in Philalethes’ conceit.

But a careful reading of Philalethes will at once reveal that things philakethes not quite so simple. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Inthe plague found London and George Starkey.

Let us employ the principle of dispersion de la science, and consult the Philale- than corpus as a whole. As eirenaejs result of his invective, as well as his apparently immoderate drinking, Starkey developed an unsavory reputation in some circles.

If erienaeus return to the Ripley commentary, Philalethes will tell us the ejrenaeus story of the adepts: Are you an author? Introduced to alchemical theory, he would later stylise himself as the “Philosopher by Fire. Looking at the Water-bearer, Philalethes understands that it is he who is his guide, but what arrests the attention of the alchemist is the Water-bearer’s pitcher:. The chemical reaction by which the reduction of antimony is carried out is given by Mellor 71and it will not be amiss to repeat it here: