Roland Barthes wrote an introduction to one of his books Eden Eden Eden – a work of which Michel Foucault remarked: “I have never read anything like it in any . Using that experience and his hallucinations on the battlefields he wrote several books in his early 20s, including ‘s Eden Eden Eden. This edition is a much-revised translation of the out of print English version originally published in It also includes new translations of the original prefaces.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Guyotar Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Eden, Eden, Eden by Pierre Guyotat. Eden, Eden, Eden – Pierre Guyotat’s legendary novel of atrocity and multiple obscenities – finally appears in English. Published in France in GallimardEden, Eden, Eden was immediately banned and remained a proscribed text for the next 11 years.

Set in a polluted and apocal Eden, Eden, Eden – Pierre Guyotat’s legendary novel of atrocity and multiple obscenities – finally appears in English. Set in a polluted and apocalyptic zone of the Algerian desert in a time of civil warfare, this delirious, lacerating novel brings vuyotat of brutal carnage into intimate collision with relentless acts of prostitutional sex and humiliation.

Paperbackpages. Published by Creation Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Eden, Eden, Edenplease sign up. Hi all, I am struggling to find an English translation of this and was wondering if there was anybody who had an English copy they didn’t want and were happy to sell?

See 1 question about Eden, Eden, Eden…. Lists with This Book. Jan 27, Nefariousbig rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This extremely pornographic, epic narrative is not only utterly and completely unpalatable, it is artistically inspired and enthralling.

Many would not brave the fire for this one. It is hard to breathe when reading this book. There are no hard stops. There are no periods. There are only spaces, pauses that seem to genuflect to the next sequence of thoughts.

There is no space between the spaces in between. Only stale air, and stagnant streams. He writes as if masturbating his mind, on and on with wanton attention to every stroke, every hitch, every catch in breath. He pounds you into conscious unconsciousness, exhausting you with ceaseless, savage assaults to your psyche.

There is only an absolute and filthy whole of a story. There is no separation of perversion and life; it is one in the same. Each word is a perversion. Each space filled with rancorous, fetid, filth. There are no characters, only objects of action and reaction. As all art should, Eden Eden Eden exists without reason or apology.


It is fiction at its most ferocious. It is pornography in its most naked, powerful, raw state. This book sits acutely on the edge of nothing. It simply IS, without question or answer. View all 8 comments. Feb 01, L.

I read this book guyottat part of a class, otherwise I would have put it down within a few seconds of picking it up. This efen can cause permanent damage to the psyche. I wish there were a rating for revulsion. To be fair, that might have been the intent of this work– to create a headspace that somehow begins to encompass the intense horror of war. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that the author meant to go beyond that into territory guyptat obliterates the boundary een conscience.

Not consciousness, CON I read this book as part of a class, otherwise I would have put it down within a few seconds of picking it up. Many people would argue that this is the very thing that makes this book successful– that it reduces highly emotional content, through a constant, punctuationless assault on guotat senses, to the point of non-meaning.

The same way that if you repeat a word over and over and over to yourself, it begins to lose meaning. These people would argue, that from a purely language-based perspective, great leaps of revelation are accomplished when an author can reveal language for what it is– words and nothing more than words. But that kind of argument fails to address the communicative and empathetic regions of writing.

Words are not merely theory– to reduce writing to that single aspect makes about as much sense as reducing the whole human being to a biochemical machine, or to say that a painting is simply dabs of color on a canvas. The effect is always at least one purpose of a work of art, and the effect of this book was highly traumatic gjyotat distressing to me. I am already numbed enough to violence by living in the contemporary world.

As for the idea presented to me in the class I read this book for, that the relentlessness of the disgust this book generates eventually leads to a kind of transcendence into beauty– I never got there, nor do I want to. Sep 24, Jordaan Mason rated it it was amazing Guyottat Mar 25, Chris rated it it was ok.

One of those books where the Goodreads rating system doesn’t really work. I can’t say that I liked this book, but it was interesting. One of the joys of reading a dirty book, at times, is that there’s a certain feeling of joy at grotesquery.

I feel this, too, watching a John Waters movie or a really gross comedian. This book has pretty much zero joy. There is lots of sex. So much so that it feels at times like you are being battered repeatedly by the sexual imagery, which comes repetitively, disg One of those books where the Goodreads rating system doesn’t really work.

So much so that it feels at times like you are being battered repeatedly by the sexual imagery, which comes repetitively, disgustingly, and, overall, sort of numbingly in almost every line of the text. There is also no story to make you want to follow the grossness to some end. There is an arc, for sure, from the soldiers raping people in the streets near the beginning, through an exhaustingly long orgy in an all-male brothel, to a couple copulating over and over again where their caravan has stopped.


Sort of a worst-case scenario to best case scenario sort of movement, maybe? But even the two tireless lovers at the end go to really gross extremes, and there’s a lot of side grossness that I will not even go into here a.

The characters are really just pornographic props, and fill that purpose just fine. Also, while I like the writing style, it is challenging to work through, which is good except that when the material is so nauseating, it is hard to also be beaten down by the endless words. There was no way for me to remember what I had or had not read if I lost my place or put the book down for a moment.

There are no sentences to speak of, and the words repeat themselves in a seemingly endless train. Also, who says “sexual cluster”?

Is that some weird French thing? View all 3 comments. Jul 07, Seth King rated it really liked it. One who finishes this book, cover to cover, page by page, sentence by sentence is as much a warrior as Guyotat.

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A labor of hate and cosmic pessimism. Apr 13, Tristan Goding rated it it was amazing.

Feb 24, Ronald Morton rated it liked it. I wouldn’t recommend it. Which is odd for a three star review, but here’s the thing: Guyotat is an Artist, and yes I include eeden capitalization as a nod to all the pretension and mania and pinpointed clarity of myopic vision that entails. I did not enjoy this book.

Pierre Guyotat – Wikipedia

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to, as it’s one long stream of prostitution, humiliation, degradation, rape, intermingled with descriptions of war atrocities in a civil-war-torn Algeria. But, I didn’t even guyoyat not enjoying it.

I can I wouldn’t recommend it. I can see what he’s doing – mostly – and I feel he is successful in his execution, but, again, I really wouldn’t recommend it.

Éden, Éden, Éden / Pierre Guyotat

A thoroughly off putting read. Jun 25, Anne rated it liked it. Pierre Guyotat has relentlessly beaten the comatose, catatonic nature of language into an anatomical matter of writing. Pierre Guyotat is the een original writer alive, and this is his most livid atrocious book. It will derange you and it will scar you. Kind of like Burroughs, without recording Brace yourself: Kind of like Burroughs, without recording technologies. May 05, Left Sr edej it it was amazing Shelves: Total disintegration of language into a chaotic erotic mass.