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The P technology has been frozen over the past years with no notable improvements in contrast or black level. Eckian Post a Comment Alert Moderator I can’t say I agree with this article because it is not just resolution that makes P clearly superior to P, even to a novice. Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks.

Posted Mar 6, 3: Not only do you get the highest resolution, but in many cases you get better contrast, black levels, and onboard video processing than is available in less pricey models. Thank you, once again.

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Do you want to buy down-rezzing P technology that is being left behind or newer P technolgy that fully meets the true HDTV format? I also connected the PS3 to an LVMw3 p monitor xml the movie displayed correctly at p there. An entry-level LCD p unit can be bested visually by higher-end p DLP zorular that are often priced less to begin with. On my devel J1.

Since P, by definition compromises video fidelity it is not a desirable choice.

With a projector, as with a TV, it would have a lot to sorullar with how far away you are from the TV. If you want to truly enjoy dark movies you will have to buy a P projector. It seems to be back. If you consider yourself to be a videophile or a serious hobbyist who spends money to stay out on the cutting edge of video technology, matching a new Blu-ray player with one of the newly released p projectors will give you a whole new world of video clarity.


You just need a display capable of doing x Sure there have been improvements but if the lens on the old ptae was good enough to show the chicken wire effect surley its good enough to show the extra pixels?

Sorry if this is not the right forum, I haven’t found better, either.

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It’s only needed in very rare circumstances. Al Warren This ain’t my first rodeo. Sd it will probably need faster processor chips. The reason is that DVD picture quality is fundamentally limited by the fact that there are only lines per frame of video information in the source. It seemed to me interlaced would be better for computer projection than p, does it matter? Let’s face it- both are indeed true HD.

Not nearly as much of a difference. There will not be a night and day difference, since i signals compressed into p displays already looks amazingly good a lot better than you’d imagine they could. On the other hand, you may be looking for the best possible video picture you can afford. Thank You so soruoar. The additional resolution of a p projector won’t make most HD sports broadcasts look any higher in actual resolution since the signals are limited to lines of video information per frame.

If you have a good p projector you can get much better bang for you home theater buck investing in other parts of your system.

Get off those as soon as you can, maybe after support for 1.

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Some diehard people are saying a good P projector is better than an entry-level P projector–that is just a mythP technology is over and done with and has been for 3 years. If you have 2 people looking at a screen and one sees screendoor and the other doesn’t you can be sure that person who doesn’t see screendoor will not be able to tell the difference between P and P. Posted Sep 11, 4: But I have seen many projectors in action, both p and p native with Blu-ray and though I see a difference and a superior image with the p signal, I do not agree that p is that significant of an improvement over p because it is an overstatement to say it is.

I just wanted to comment that I do see some web comments that are really off the wall.

1080p vs. 720p — Which should you buy?

So it got me thinking 1 buy p now or 2 buy cheaper P now and upgrade to p later when more content is available. Posted Jul 1, 1: Posted Dec 30, 6: A huge amount of deprecated code has been removed I’m certain more’s to follow but the biggest chunk should be done also the separation of platform and CMS may bring some minor issues with it like changed file locations for starters.

This should have been marked in the source code, unfortunately in the 1. Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration.