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“Desertion” by Clifford D. Simak, Vocabulary: Write the vocabulary definition and a synonym and antonym. ffl Aberration – something not part of the normal. Desertion by Clifford D. Simak, Vocabulary: Write the vocabulary definition and a synonym and antonym. Aberration something not part of the normal. All about Desertion by Clifford D. Simak. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Log in No account? Desertion by Clifford D. Already he has sent four men out on to the surface of Jupiter and a fifth man, Harold Allen, stood in front of him. Fowler warns Allen of the importance of the mission and not to go on any rescue mission.

The hostile environment of Jupiter doesn’t permit coifford to walk its surface and so a biological converter is used to transform humans into Lopers, the highest form of native life. As metals and materials made by humans rapidly degrade.

Ms Stanley, the converter’s operator disagrees with the sending of any more men to desfrtion deaths, as none of the previous four have returned. Allen never comes back.

There is talk that the conversion process may be flawed but it would take years to find it. Fowler contemplates sending more men but then changes xesertion plan and decides to be converted along with his dog Towser.


Desertion by Clifford D. Simak | LibraryThing

Viewing Jupiter as a Loper is different than as a human, Fowler is surprised that the environment, perceived as hostile by humans, is quite pleasant as a Loper. Fowler tries to converse with Towser but finds he has no lips, instead deserfion communicates to his dog with a form of telepathy.

Fowler learns that Towser has always tried talking with him but was never able to get through. They experience the vibrations of an ammonia “waterfall” as music. Fowler is able to spontaneously come up with a process of coming up with a metal that would be able to withstand the pressure of Jupiter.

In the Loper form, he is able to use one hundred percent of his brain. Fowler compared his old life, and its limitations with his new form and ways of experiencing the planet.

Desertion by Clifford D. Simak, 1944

He felt a higher call of destiny, a greatness of adventure. Towser refuses to return, Fowler argues that they can’t let the humans down. He then remembers the limitations of human life and form and changes his mind to return “some day”.


Both Fowler and Towser are unable to go back to the limited life of a dog or a human. That compared to being a Loper, being a human is just as limited as being a canine.

Young People Read Old SFF | Desertion

With regards to our understanding of terraforming, it seems that transforming into native species rather than transforming the environment is a slightly better strategy. Living with the environment.

Also the story explores an interesting idea that experience and perception is based on what sort of eyes you use. To the human, Jupiter is a hostile environment with terrible wind storms.

But to the Loper, it is a beautiful landscape filled with adventure. A different strategy, so far beyond our current technology, but it would be interesting to see this implemented on a simpler scale, ie, not altering desertuon environment, but learning to live with it.

The story also implies that the human method of colonisation is inherently deserton in that it separates itself from the environment, but also that the human mindset is petty and limited.