This is the full edition of James Axler’s Death Lands series Book # I claim no right to this book, all rights belong to James Axler. Description: On a January day, . Deathlands # 1 -Pilgrimage to Hell [James Axler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a crisp January day, a Presidential inaugurtion day. Pilgrimage To Hell (Deathlands) [James Axler, Jack Adrian] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a January day, a Presidential.

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Outlanders – A sequel to the Deathlands series focuses deeper into the technology and the cause of the end of the world, a series that is also worth checking out As other reviewers have mentioned, This was my first audio book with sound affects to accompany the narrative, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. Pilgrimage is several generations after the nuke.

Just do yourself a favor and skip it. Ryan awakens to find himself and Krysty in deaathlands wag. The prologue is especially guilty of this: Trivia About Pilgrimage to Hel Did you see the cover?

Ryan does not handle it stoically, but is reduced to screaming through a gag to indicate his willingness to cooperate. I’d give this a 2. Don’t know why I have the audio version listed, I actually pilgrikage this one.

Ryan demands to know why Teauge nerve gassed the convoy. Last they saw of Trader was him meeting up with the same old man that Ryan spotted. I think of it as Fallout The Book. Hopefully they yo better. It is here that Ryan and his three companions learn that a revolt is in progress. Apr 20, Oliver Clarke rated it really liked it. There is lots of bloody action, over the top characters, with a bawdy and macabre humor tossed in.

The pacing overall is good, with decent lulls in the action without getting long. Pilgriamge I listened to it instead of reading it.

Pilgrimage to Hell

Where Tolkien speaks at leagnth on the way light dances across the leaves of threes, Axler speaks of the same manner about bullets, blood, explosions and pilbrimage. This is the read that is not only cr My ratings system is as follows. They watch an old man named Doc being questioned by Teauge. This time the story is not only entertaining, but highly creative, unique, easy to read and hard to put down.


Jun 04, Ryan Deathlnds rated it liked it Shelves: It also brings Doc Tanner a senile-sounding gentleman with knowledge of pre-war America to the group, and gives us our first glance at one t the series’ long running mutant menaces: We’re introduced to the concept of Deathlands an apocalyptic America and the main characters who will define the series as a whole: She was part of a two-wag convoy, led by her Uncle Tyas.

Executive Producer Anji Cornette. Deathlands set almost years after nuclear apocalypse you are introduced to a set general anticipated scenarios from post apocalypse situations – Traders, Survivors, Cannibals, Mutations, Cold hearts and general bad dfathlands with insane lusts for power. This book is, in my ddeathlands, a shining example of why pulp should never be written off as pap. This gives Ryan the distraction he needs to make his own escape. Where Tolkien s I really enjoyed reading this book.

The rest of the crew makes it into war wag one and make their escape into the darks. One thing I didn’t like was some of the voice acting sound fake and cartoonish.

I assume you had to do some digging when you found these.

Pilgrimage to Hell (Deathlands, #1) by James Axler

I don’t think these books are still available in book deathlanrs however they have been transferred to an audiobook format that includes voice actors, sound effects and background music. The violent PA setting is ideal for this sort of treatment, with gunshots, explosions, shouting, screaming and the rest. To ask other readers questions about Pilgrimage to Hellplease sign up.

Life as we know it was obliterated in a nuclear apocalypse in When the opportunity arises, Pilgrlmage ambushes Hagic and his men, killing those he can, while his companions take out the rest.

Pilgrimage to Hell – Wikipedia

Trader talks to Ryantelling him that he wants to head into the Darks to find out more about this hidden Redoubtgateway and this fog they have heard about. After watching a ton of similarly themed movies and reading some short stories, I came across this book and came away pleasantly surprised after reading it.


Reading this book it felt like I had been caught in an awful B-type movie.

Shortly there after they come up to the guardian fog. He then orders her to be let up, dressed and taken away. This was my first Audio Book from Graphic Audio. He went on to write the next 32 novels in the Deathlands series as James Axler before passing a James Axler is a house pseudonym used by Gold Eagle Books, the action adventure imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. The first book of the Deathlands series, originally released in June, At any rate, David was right, felt like reading a Gamma World game.

However, if it were deathkands anything else and I read books from all genres I would never have pilvrimage it. I liked where they went with the story and how it ended. The series is written by several authors writing under the pen name James Axler. Out of the ruins emerged Deathlandsa world that conspired against survival.

Still, there was something nostalgic about reading this for me, because it reminded me of all the time I spent in the 80s and early 90s reading RPG-related novels and all the other serialized novels, like the Thieves World stories and another shared-world series that I can’t remember the title of that involved magical races returning in this technology-heavy future, so there were elves who could hack computers with chips in their brains and so on.

Dix also brought CharlieKurt and Doc with them when they escaped. Together with their team of warrior merchants they take on the ruthless baron of a “Plague Pit” town.