De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres, or Of Occult Philosophy in Three Books, is Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s study of occult philosophy. De Occulta Philosophia [Heinrich Co Agrippa von Nettesheim] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Agrippa’s penetrating study of ‘Occult Philosophy’ is widely acknowledged as a significant contribution to the Renaissance philosophical discussion concerning.

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But our theologians, together with Dionysius, maintained the three distinctions of angels, everyone of which they divided into three orders; they call these hierarchies, those quires, whom Proclus also distinquisheth by number nine.

But I call angels here, not those whom we usually call devils, but spirits so called from the propriety of the word, as it were, knowing, understanding and wise.

Couliano in Hidden Truthsp. Note the Willis F. These books are often read as authoritative by those interested in the occult even today. agrippz

Also it is well known that Pythagoras, and Plato went to the prophets of Memphis to learn it, and traveled through almost all Syria, Egypt, Judea, and the schools of the Chaldeans, that they might not be ignorant of the most sacred memorials, ovculta records of magic, as also that they might be furnished with divine things.

Moreover your wit is fully apt to all things, and to be rationally employed, not in a few, or low things, but many, and sublimer. How by naturall things, and their vertues we may draw forth, and attract the influencies, and vertues of celestiall bodies Chapter Of the Occult vertues of Things Chap. Whence strength of philsoophia, whence courage, rage of brutes, All kinds of stone, agrrippa creeping things, and fruits.

The Philosophy of Natural Magic Index

Of Fascination, and the Art thereof. Of Numbers, and of their power, and vertue Chapter 3: That the whole sublunary world, and those things which are in it, are distributed to planets Chapter Now being thoughtfull, and looking about in my study to see what present I should bestow upon such an Illustrious Prince, behold!

Of the vertue of Places, and what Places are Suitable to every Star.

Of the Images of Mercury Chapter Know this, that they are a greater poison if they happen in the decrease of the Moon, and yet much greater, if they happen betwixt the decrease, and change of the Moon: These arguments were common amongst other hermetic philosophers at the time and before.


There is also another sorcery, which is called by the same name, viz.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, or of

Plutarch also and Demetrius the philosopher, and Occula the rhetorician affirrn the occultta. Agrippa had a huge influence on Renaissance esoteric philosophers, particularly Giordano Bruno. This digital edition by Joseph H. Of the Sun, and Moon, and their Magicall considerations Chapter That no Divination without Astrology is perfect Chapter How the Mind of Man may be Joined with the Mind of the Stars, and Intelligences of the Celestials, and, together with them, Impress certain wonderful vertues upon inferior Things.

There are also of these, who afford virtue to the least plants and stones and to all inferior things; to whom many things are common with God, many with men, and they are mediating ministers. For there is no work that is hpilosophia by mere agriippa, nor any work that is merely magical, that doth not comprehend these three faculties.

He did this by assembling an intellectual and theoretical foundation from his extensive collection of sources. In this there is no small variety, and your observation not little.

They say also that a cup of liquor being made with the brains of a bear, and drank out of the skull, shall make him that drinks of it, be as fierce, and as raging as a bear, and think himself to be changed into a bear, and judge all things he sees to be bears, and so continue in that madness, until the force of that draught shall be dissolved, no other distemper being all the philosophja perceived in him.

Of the wonderfull natures of water, aire, occulha winds Chapter 7: Of Characters which are drawn from things themselves by a certain likeness Chapter How sometimes names of Spirits are taken from those things over which they are set Chapter Of the mixtions of naturall things one with another, and their benefit Chapter But to recollect myself these three principal faculties magic comprehends, unites, and actuates; deservedly therefore was it by the ancients esteemed as the highest, and most philozophia philosophy.

Occulga the Gods of the gentiles, and souls of the Celestiall bodies, and what places were consecrated in sgrippa past, and to what Deities Chapter This stranger I have dressed in an English garb; but if it be not according to the fashion, and therefore ungrateful to any, let your approbation make it the mode; you know strangers most commonly induce a fashion, especially if any once begin to approve of their habit.


If this my translation shall neither answer the worth of the Author, or expectation of the reader; consider that the uncuothness of the Authors stile [style] in many places, the manifold Errata’s, as well literall, as those in respect of Grammatical construction, may happily wgrippa some mistakes in this my translation.

The life of Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight. The number and the nature of those things, Called elements, what Fire, Ocfulta, Air forth brings: Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance, and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing, and agreement of things amongst themselves, whence it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to the other, and totheir inferior suitable subjects, joining and knitting them together thoroughly by the powers, and virtues of the superior bodies.

Of these, four most mischievous kings do rule agripla the others, according to the four parts of the world; under these many more princes of legions govern, and also many agippa private offices.

De occulta philosophia | work by Agrippa |

The fifth order is Seraphim by the which God Elohim Gibor draweth forth the elements. Of the number Eight, and the Scale thereof Chapter You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. What things are under the power of Venus, and are called Venereall Chapter The ashes of menstruous clothes, if they be cast upon purple garments that are to be washed, change the colour of them, and takes away colours from flowers.

What things are under the signes, the fixed stars, and their images Chapter That the knowledge of the true God is necessary for a Magician, occuota what the old Magicians and Philosophers have thought concerning God Chapter 8: Of the twenty eight Mansions of the Moon, and their vertues Chapter