Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon a new daygame product called the Daygame Blueprint, by someone by the name of “Yad”. A lot of the stuff. Yosha how to approach girls on the street, directly & naturally Yosha’s HOW TO APPROACH GIRLS ON THE STREET DIRECTLY. For those men out there looking for the girl of your dreams, listen up – this Daygame Blueprint review will be for you. Day Game Blueprint program, created by.

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I like the direct approach because i feel more manly and i hate the indirect monkeys of other products. You the OP mentioned the infield videos.

Age 40 Posts Helpful ebooks, videos, downloadable mp3s from: By far the best product I’ve come across. If you want to go straight to the review, click Daygame Blueprint Review. Don’t expect to be able to digest the contents of this program in just bluepront day. The goal was simple: Tom Torero discusses how to approach girls in daytime situations other than the street.

He talks about how the opening line you might use with great success on the street would be a bad idea in a coffee shop or on public transport. It’s hard to grade this on Ease of Implementation, because today all day I let girls pass me by and I strived to just approach them according to the instructions. Adam Lyons discusses how to meet women during the day with entourage game; Colin talks about how to have open relationships and have threesomes; A J and Jordan Harbinger give you their proven texting strategies and there’s a number of tracks from the guys at Authentic Man Program.


Why not film a pickup in a quiet area, just for the sake of the watchability of it. There are different methods and styles that work so the best thing is to try out the different ideas that are taught here and see what gets the best results for you. I dayame find the courage to do anything real. The seminar students ask questions which cannot be heard, and the speakers fail to repeat the question except Tomfor the benefit of the DVD.

He is boring, scatty and doesnt convince. No rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Innovativeness Is it something totally new? Once you see how to apply this, it becomes easier than you might imagine to go on an instadate with someone you’ve only been talking to for a couple of minutes. I’m personally a big fan of the Day Game concept more so than Bluepfint game.

Daygame Blueprint Reviews

One of these is a two-part video from a daygame bootcamp run by a different company based in Australia. Reviewed by magarcia February 11, The time now is So what about Day Game? But its not without its problems.

The approach is demonstrated on a woman live during the seminar, as well as during in-field clips of Yad initiating conversations with women on the streets of London. Daygame Blueprint covers the Yadstop and all aspects of direct daygame, so onto my Daygame Blueprint review.

November 04, This is the best way to learn daygame meeting and attracting daygaame during the day. Reviewed by Michael K July 25, Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

The exercises on assumption stacking will be particularly useful for nearly everybody watching this, and just getting an understanding of that alone will help boost your success.


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Daygame Blueprint Review

There are things you will learn in this product that you may never even think of doing. There are demonstrations on how to do this as well as in-field footage showing it in action. However, one thing that concerns me is that it’s primarily for a European audience, and I’ve heard although never experienced that European chicks are more friendly and thus easier to pick up than their North American counter parts.

Taught by Yad and Andy Yoshathe founders of daygame.

Daygame Blueprint

If you have been through any overwhelming material like mystery method stuff then in comparison you won’t think this is advanced at all, your “brain won’t melt”. On the other hand, I love the adrenaline rush of seeing a girl out the corner of my eye and giving chase to Yadstop her. There are no subtitles. Reviewed by Hansel A. Potato Head, and talks like he has Elmer’s Glue in his mouth The methods and techniques in this product are very specific, clear and tell you what to do in specific situations.

Click “Submit” to send your review! If you want to change your life and your chances to pickup a sexy ladies – Day Game Blueprint is the way to go.

The Ex Factor Guide.