Cosmo Electronics Corp. Document No. 69P – 1 – -ic. com cosmo. K Series. 4PIN PHOTOTRANSISTOR. PHOTOCOUPLER. C UL (File No.E) VDE / / (File No). Outside Dimension:Unit (mm). 2). T. COSMO. C XXX. Date Code. Part, C Category. Description, High Reliability Photocoupler. Company, Cosmo Electronics. Datasheet, Download C datasheet. Quote. Find where to.

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Schematic Description The K series consist of an infrared emitting diode, optically coupled to a phototransistor detector.

Current transfer ratio CTR: High isolation voltage between input and output Viso: Pb free and RoHS compliant 4. Applications o System appliances o Measuring instruments o Computer terminals o Programmable controllers o Medical instruments coso Physical and chemical equipment o Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances Cosmo Electronics Corp.

Long creepage distance for surface mount type. Long creepage distance type KX KX Soldering temperature 10 seconds? Forward Current K Model No. Ambient Temperature 50 0 Ambient Temperature Ta?


Recommended Soldering Conditions a Infrared reflow soldering: Time of peak reflow temperature: Time of temperature higher than ?: Time s of reflow: Rosin flux containing small amount of chlorine The flux with a maximum chlorine content of 0. Avoid removing the residual flux with freon-based and chlorine-based cleaning solvent.

Avoid shorting between portion of frame and leads. Application Notice The content of datasheet is the guidance for product use only.

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For continuously improving all of products, including quality, fosmo, function Please contact with cosmo to obtain the latest specification. It would be required to comply with the absolute maximum ratings listed in the specification. Medical and other life supporting equipments b. Telecommunication equipment trunk lines d.

Nuclear power control e. Equipment used for automotive vehicles, trains, ships This publication is the property of cosmo.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or copied in any form or any means electronically or mechanically for any purpose, in whole or in part without any written permission expressed f rom cosmo.


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