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PCI was the first universal, processor-independent computer bus that was adopted by all major microprocessor manufacturers. Hundreds of processors chipsets and thousands of peripheral chips utilize PCI.

Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect (CPCI) Enclosures

Compact PCI systems have increasingly been used in aerospace, industrial, communications, military, and other applications. It can be used as a single power supply, as multiple units, or in parallel componeht there is a need for a higher power capability.

Depending on the make and model, it can use the standard Positronic pin connector and may incorporate active power factor correction or, to make it ideal in every application, with VAC universal or DC input models.


Moreover, Compact PCI Power Supplies can be designed in a way that they can meet unique load requirements for each different channel.

The flexibility is achieved interconnct two converters in parallel are used. Each channel can provide full load independently, providing engineers with the flexibility they need to meet different design requirements.

Although Compact PCI Power Supplies are available in different designs and models, the better quality supplies have the following features:. This feature protects the load against induced overvoltage. This feature ensures that all outputs are safe from overloads and short circuits.

CompactPCI – Wikipedia

Upon removal of a fault condition, the restoring of normal operations is automatic. This feature automatically shuts down the power supply when it overheats and allows recovery automatically as well.

This feature indicates that a leakage current is less than 0. These designs are available in redundant 3U and 6U form factor.

Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect (CPCI) Power Supplies Overview

Peninsula Technical Sales has expert knowledge of power supplies and would be happy to answer any questions regarding interconhect or other power supplies and help in the selection of the appropriate power supply for your specific need. Please call us ate-mail us at sales pentech.


We invite you to visit our web site at www. Peninsula Technical Sales represents electronic equipment manufacturers and is proud to offer our services online and to the following cities and their surrounding areas: Design by G4 Design House. These include the Synchronous rectification — A technique used to improve the efficiency of rectification.

Low profile transformers — Used in small-sized yet powerful transformers designed for communication, media, and industrial applications.

General Specifications Although Compact PCI Power Supplies are available in different designs and models, the better quality supplies have the following features: This feature meets the required 15 cfm, lfm airflow. Worldbond Piezo-Electric Contact News.