Our biography of author and professional poker player Collin Moshman. Receive Collin Moshman’s books Sit n Go Stratgies and Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em. Collin Moshman is considered by many to be not only the godfather of Sit & Go tournament strategy, but also one of the most prolific poker educators in the. Our SNG guru reviews $8 Man tournament played by a regular player and talks about.

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Katie Dozier and her husband Collin Moshman are two online grinders whose lives were tipped upside down after the events of Black Friday threatened to take their livelihoods away.

In order to stay in the game, players moved to moshmn as far and as wide as Europe, Canada and Costa Rica, but Dozier and Moshman decided to opt for Rosarito in Mexico. Dozier and Moshman are professional poker players, writers and coaches. Here they are describing what life has been like since their move. After Black Friday essentially shut down online poker in the U. S where did you and Collin consider moving to in ckllin to continue the grind? When we decided to live part-time in a foreign country, last year, Mexico was an appealing choice because it was a reasonable distance from Vegas such that we could drive back and forth with our dog.


Additionally, the people in our area in Rosarito are very friendly to expatting Americans. The cost of living here is relatively inexpensive, and living on the beach is a huge plus!

Collin Moshman – Poker Player

ccollin What were the important ingredients needed for the perfect online grind? Great Internet, in a safe area, that allows for the happiest quality of life.

With legislation slowly changing in the U. S what would it take for you both moshmn return? We would need poker sites with very large player pools for us to return.

Similar authors to follow

What are the advantages and disadvantages of grinding in Mexico? That we can actually play on the major poker sites!

Also, when compared colljn similar geographical areas in the US, like southern California, Mexico is very inexpensive. Sometimes, it can be a bit daunting to live in an area without speaking the native language.

Many Mexicans speak English, but we are both trying to learn Spanish together in order to feel closer to the community. Would you recommend Mexico as a place for grinders to live? Yes, for those that are able to move, this area of Mexico seems to be safe.

$8 180-Man Strategy with Collin Moshman

Do either of you play in any live games. If so what and where? The funny thing is that we still get very competitive about it! What sites do you play on whilst in Mexico? Are there any that are not available to you? Do your neighbors know you are poker players? Word has spread to other expats in this area about the high moshmann of poker players that colli live here. Neighbors have offered to let us use their Internet connections as backups in case ours goes down when we play.


There are also a few other poker players in our building. What does your online daily grind look like for both of you? After we wake up, we walk Wilbur on the beach for a while.

Then we come back and I make breakfast, usually French scrambled eggs, and we start playing around colliin. Why did you settle on Mexico?

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