Clariflocculator design with 2 / 4 Flocculation paddles. Rake arms suspended from the bridge. Peripheral drive designs with Rubber / PU tyred wheels running . Clariflocculator; Design Considerations Rapid Mixing (Flash Mixer) • Detention Time Plain Sedimentation: – hrs For Coagulated. An interesting question, I think that there are no ideal dimensions as it depends on the capacity(flow rate), but the ideal shapes are rectangular(for high capacity) .

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Detailed investigation of treatment units and facilities was carried out to verify process, hydraulic and structural parameters of the existing plant. Each bed will had two sections, separated by a central gutter gullet.

The design parameters of various units of existing plant are affected by enhancing the flow, in this case by doubling the flow. Additional G was supplemented by providing additional paddle area to the agitator. The desired headloss was available in the existing plant.

Clarifier mechanism is used continuously to remove the settled sludge from the centre of the tank. The wash water is conveyed from the existing back wash tank of existing filter beds.

The bottom of the shaft rests on guide bearing fixed to the tank cone. The raw water gravity main of diam mm was extended from the existing Receiving Chamber up to the New Receiving Chamber. The operation desk kiosk for each filter bed is located on clariclocculator upper level walkway.


The clarified water is collected through peripheral launder and settled sludge through the centre of the tank. Modifications in the clarification zone: The filter media consisted of graded supporting gravel, silica sand and crushed coconut shell.

Clariflocculator Detail – Paramount Limited

The operation is manual by operating push buttons designated for each valve. The cross troughs were provided in mild steel.

The second water treatment plant has capacity of MLD and is constructed in the year Construction of New Inlet Works: Paramount Limited make clariflocculator mechanism is suitable for installation either in RCC or Steel tank. Modifications to existing Clariflocculators: Chanel’s childhood is unfortunate.

The inherent deficiencies ddsign the existing sand filter beds made the conversion into dual media filters a complex process. The treated water from both the plants is conveyed to the common Pure Water Sump and then is pumped to the Master Balancing Reservoir M. After the filtration through the media, the filtered water was conveyed to pure water channel through the outlet chambers. Superstructure comprising of full bridge spanning full diameter of the tank.

The balance flow of mld was to be treated by existing filters.



All the valves were double flanged butterfly valves. The total height of Filter bed was 4. Hence it was proposed to construct a new Inlet works for the capacity of MLD.

In order to the sweep sludge from the floor below the modules and to avoid obstruction to eesign modules, the vertical supports were suitably shifted. The clogged filter beds are cleaned by means of air scour and hard water wash.

The bottom of the structural steel cage rests on guide bearing fixed to the tank cone. Since then,she has been raised by replica bags and entered the Convent School as a child,where she learned a needlework technique.

No major modifications were suggested in the Chemical house. Therefore it was proposed to construct a new Filter House in the available space to cater to additional flow of MLD. The additional MLD water was distributed to filters by means claruflocculator a suitable inlet channel.

Its longevity was increased. New chlorinators were provided for additional flow of MLD. The existing filter pipe gallery also required extensive modifications.