ASCE Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has developed a National Consensus Standard titled ASCE C-I , Standard Guidelines for the Collection. This 2-hour interactive online course discusses the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Standard CI/ ASCE ‘Standard Guideline for the Collection and.

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The cl utility infrastructure of the USA and most parts of the developed world is vast, complicated and continues to grow at a rapid pace. With this massive web of active and abandoned underground utility systems in place, all new excavations are at risk of encountering unplanned utility conflicts and causing potential damage. The appropriate use of SUE services can prevent these problems.

Subsurface Utility Engineering – Part 2: Understanding CI/ASCE

The course also elaborates on some of the subject matter and the techniques used in the acquisition of utility data. The course begins by discussing the history behind the development of the Standard. It proceeds through the Standard emphasizing key aspects and providing well-rounded explanations of the concepts. However, it is not necessary to have taken that course prior to this one. Click on the state to expand the license or professional organization that applies to the course.


Subsurface Utility Engineering – Part 2: Understanding CI/ASCE 38-02

Singer has worked as a subsurface utility engineer or a utility relocations design engineer. Singer currently owns and operates Singer Utility Engineering, P. Singer is also an instrument rated pilot. Engineer on December 27, Thanks By zaki W. Engineer on June 21, Photo examples would be a good addition showing the surveys taking place By Scott D.

Should be a video presentation. Engineer, Land Surveyor on January 12, Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy iadd. Support Sign In 0.

Back to Search Results. Subsurface Utility Engineering – Part 2: Recognize the original individuals involved in the development of SUE.

Define several terms used in 3-802 SUE industry. Explain the responsibility of the project owner, engineer, subsurface utility engineer and utility owner relative to existing utilities on construction projects. Identify the quality levels of SUE. Evaluate the cost savings realized by using SUE. Compare the various techniques used to acquire utility locations.


Subsurface utility engineering

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Subsurface Utility Engineering – Part 1: Engineer on December 27, very detailed Thanks By zaki W. Engineer, Land Surveyor on January 12, Should be a video presentation. Video works better than text.

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