Here, Carl Jung’s Wotan *, the essay entitled, “Woden As Archetype – The Carl Jung Essay”, written by New Zealand’s Dr. Kerry. A selection from Wotan by Carl Jung, Note: see here for the essay Jung wrote at the end of the first world war, and here for the essay he wrote at the end of. Carl jung wotan essay. “That the sons of revolted russian revolution who in the essay of God saw the. The figure of the heroic popular leader.

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Many sites condemn or exonerate him; many others celebrate him as a blood and soil Aryan hero. It can be nauseatingly difficult at times to tell these accounts apart.

What to make of this controversy? What is the evidence brought against the famed Swiss psychiatrist and onetime close friend, student, and colleague of Sigmund Freud? Truth be told, it does not look good for Jung.

Unlike Nietzsche, whose work was deliberately bastardized by Nazis, beginning with his own sisterJung need not be taken out of context to be read as anti-Semitic.

He had expressed such thoughts as far back as Like the philosopher Martin HeideggerJung was accused of trading on his professional associations during the 30s to maintain his status, and turning on his Jewish colleagues while they were wtoan. Both came to nothing. Jung contributed to the allied cause during the war.

I would not presume to draw any hard and fast conclusions from them. His Voice is nothing woatn than his own unconscious, into which the German people have projected their own selves; that is, the unconscious of seventy-eight million Germans. That is what makes him powerful.


Without the German people he would be nothing.

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The people may be possessed, but it is their will, carp says, that the Nazi leader enacts, not his own. In comparison with Mussolini, Hitler made upon me the impression of a sort of scaffolding of wood covered with cloth, an automaton with a mask, like a robot or a mask of a robot.

During the whole performance he never laughed; it was as though he were in a bad humor, sulking. He showed no human sign. His expression was that of varl inhumanly single-minded purposiveness, with no sense of humor.

He seemed as if he essayy be a double of a real person, and that Hitler the man might esszy be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so hiding in order not to disturb the mechanism. With Hitler you do not feel that you are with a man. You are with a medicine man, a form of spiritual vessel, a demi-deity, or even better, a myth. With Hitler you are scared. You know you would never be able to talk to that man; because there is nobody there.

He is not a man, but a collective.

Kerry Bolton, “Wotan as Archetype: The Carl Jung Essay” | Counter-Currents Publishing

He is not an individual, but a whole nation. I take it to be literally true cark he has no personal friend. How can you talk intimately with a nation?

Read the full esssay here. Be sure there is much more to be explained in them than can be explained by merely calling them gangsters. We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture’s continued operation, please consider making a donation. Hitler was a drug addict. He could not get out of bed in the morning without a hit. If you know any addicts of any type you,ll know how unreliable and manipulating they are.


Hitler was a fake and a junkie. A mindset of disciplined inquiry is required.

Do you have any evidence to support that assertion about Hitler inas opposed to the man in when the crushing pressure of total defeat had to be faced? What would a similar analysis imply about Donald Trump acting out the subconscious desires of the American people. Click here to cancel reply.

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