Team Rodent. Team Rodent · Buy it at Amazon “Team Rodent doesn’t believe in sleaze, however, nor in old-fashioned revulsion. Square in the middle is. Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World Production: A “deranged rant” is how Carl Hiaasen has aptly described his contribution to. Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen – book cover, description, publication history.

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Carl Hiaasen’s Official Web Site

His bone of contention is that Disney World is an ongoing crime of cultural, political and environmental pollution against his beloved home state. Folks who equate such qualities with the Eisner era are in for a history lesson.

Back inthe publisher of the Orlando Sentinel learned that Disney was secretly snapping up land for a giant theme park. Walt threatened to nix the venture if word got out, so the Sentinel sat on the story until the purchases were complete — guaranteeing for Disney rock-bottom land costs and minimal public scrutiny.

That square mile area is legally constituted as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, governed by a board selected by Disney.

Florida law requires that municipalities conduct their business in public, but since Disney would rather not do so, Reedy Creek claims to be a separate entity from the company that runs it.


This legal two-step has afforded Disney World both privacy and immense autonomy: It has the right to implement its own schools, justice system, even its own nuclear power plant. So far, Disney is doing without such things. He also attacks Florida lawmakers and judges for their complicity.

Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World

This is a little disingenuous. Florida has a long and colorful history as a haven for con-artist Realtors and graft-hungry politicians willing to play along.

The state tree of Florida is, after all, the greased palm. Honey, I shrunk the Serengeti! But Hiaasen saves his funniest lampoons for Disney chairman Eisner. He witnesses the chief exec hoist by his own petard in an annual report preamble: Rldent the author comes up with a novel hypothesis about the Insane Clown Possea Disney-signed rap group whose obscenity-filled debut was yanked from shelves on its day of release last summer.

Hiaasen says his dream is to be banned for life from Disney World. This book may do the trick. A “deranged rant” is how Carl Hiaasen has aptly described his contribution to Ballantine’s series of tracts by big-name writers.


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How Disney Devours the World Don’t expect a reasoned deconstruction of Disney as cultural artificer; do expect a provocative overview of how Walt and his successors have rodentt a swath of Central Florida into a candy-coated Orwellian state in an account spiced by comical salvos fired at Michael Eisner.

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Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World – Variety

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