Bestselling author Fern Michaels has held millions of readers captive with her unforgettable stories and exotic locales. In this classic romance, a beautiful. Captive Passions (Captives, book 1) by Fern Michaels – book cover, description, publication history. I picked up a copy of Fern Michaels’ Captive Splendors from a used bookstore, and boy was I in for a surprise. I vaguely remember reading her.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Captive Passions by Fern Michaels. Their passions michae,s in a battle for revenge Their love held captive by desire Only Fern Michaels could tell this exotic tale of passion and adventure on the lusty high seas! Paperbackpages.

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Lists with This Book. What a great, old bodice ripper! Yes, it’s silly and OTT with s feminist rants from the heroine, cartoonish pirate costumes, a catty mistress-villain, a crass and dimbulb hero, references aplenty to maimed manhoods, and exploding volcanoes for a climax, but it was hellacious feen.

Captive Passions (Captive, #1) by Fern Michaels

The story starts right off with the hero banging his mistress, and chalk Regan van der Rhys up as one of the bigger horndogs I’ve come across in the old skool rippers. He can’t keep it in his pants. Native girls, loc What a great, old bodice ripper! Native girls, local whores, nearby tree notches ,ichaels name it, he’s had it and continues to want it and feels he is owed it.

The heroine captivee quickly introduced as a she-pirate just under the surface.

Unfortunately it’s Isabel who is en route to the altar, with none other than Regan van der Rhys waiting for her. The bad luck continues when the ship carrying the two sisters is boarded by pirates flying the Dutch flag and a big ol’ pirate gang rape commences on the two sisters.

With a guy named Dick Blackheart leading an Evil Penis Swarm upon virgin flesh, this Carnival Cruise will be even more horrific than usual. Sirena, being of stern anachronistic grrl power stuff, manages to regain control of her ship by page 46 and sets her course for Blind Revenge, with Regan the object of her can of whoopass. You see, in the tried-and-true Immense Jump To Conclusion, Sirena believes that Regan is to blame for the pirate rape and Isabel’s fate since the scurves were flying the Dutch flag and Regan is the local rep for the Dutch East India Company.


So obviously he knew! Her plan is to marry Regan and be his wife by day and the scourge of Dutch ships by night, donning a kicky little outfit and earning herself the moniker, The Sea Siren. Now here is where things really got silly, and it rarely let up: That no one’s light bulb goes off right away or even after several months makes it seem like all of Java is populated by a bunch of morons.

Also a bit “off” was the wide swathes of dialogue packed full of nautical terminology. My mom, the Patrick O’Brian snob, says they’re all jammed together and make no sense. Indeed, Sirena sounds like she’s a breath away from shouting, “Avast to bo’sun!

Careen that fo’c’sle wide! Just look at the cover. That’s from the book. Actually, she reminds me a lot of a female Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Her sacking of ships makes her a hero among women and an object of lust among men.

It’s a wonder Sirena didn’t single-handedly get the women’s movement launched in the s and win it right then and there. Yes, they have lots in common! But Fern does her damndest to make sure they don’t think so! Leaps of logic and contrived situations see that the headbutting continues right until the very end. A tad, but I had my big girl panties on and I could take it.

Oh wow, these two. Despite the predictability of much of the plot, let’s just say that I didn’t see the submissive groveling and silken knotted whip coming. Between the rapes, sea-going avasting and arrrrgh-mateying, and heroine-mistress catfights, there’s subplots about illegal nutmeg cultivation and a missing child, but this serious bent is quickly slapped into submission by the mother of all OTT climaxes.

They purr, roar, hiss, screech, and shout in shock, anger, lust, and seduction. And the proceedings are dominated by a heroine who personally kills several baddies while the hero makes it to the end with spotless hands. Sirena often rants about women being just as capable as men, and she certainly out-alphas most of the big, bad alpha boys I’ve come across. She’d have had no problem doing to Prince Humperdinck what Westley threatened to do i.

Compared to Savage Surrenderthis one was slightly more plausible in spots, but that bar is pretty low. Both books are epic cheese reads and if you’re not squeamish about the nastiness in the REAL bodice rippers, then this one is a must.

View all 19 comments. Sep 02, Tory rated it did not like it. While at a book sale my son ripped the cover off this book. The woman clucked and taped it back together, but I felt that I should buy it.

Because my kid damaged it and all. On the front it says, “A tumultuous struggle between a fiery temptress and the violent man that sought to enslave her.

Because she was a woman! And men are horrible beasts that hate anything but docile and demure!


Captive Passions

But she was not! And she hated him! And then they had sex! Feb 19, Siobhan rated it it was amazing. My mom bought these books when they first came out and I snuck and read them!

They were the start of my passion for reading. It’s like that old ugly sweater in your closet that you can’t get rid of no matter how much it clashes with everything on your closet They are my source of comfort, if I’m having a bad day or missing my mom, I open these books and read them! Some of my first fantasies were of Reagan and Caleb, no lie!

I will never be able to get rid of the o My mom bought these books when they first came out and I snuck and read them! I will never be able to get rid of the old, worn out copy my mom gave me of these!

I have read them more than any other book own. Mmmm, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed bodice rippers when I was a teenager! I had also forgotten how intriguing stories based in the Far East were. Jul 07, Aves rated it it was ok Shelves: I just couldn’t finish it.

The plot didn’t bother me, because as eye-roll-worthy as it was, I knew what I was getting into before I started reading it. Even the blatant lack of research for example: The main reason I stopped was because the writing style drove me batty.

Exclamation marks abounded, because every second sentence was apparently so exciting it needed to be emphasized. People never said anything they didhowever, roar micaels murmur and exclaim things at length. Where do I begin with the descriptions? They were some of the most bizarre things I’ve ever read. Sirena’s eyes spew flames and her eyes are green, y’all.

But hey, if you forget her eyes are green, don’t worry: Sea green, grass green, bottle green–if it’s a type of green, you’ll bet it’ll be used to describe her eyes at some point. Regan’s eyes are blue slits of steel. Someone else’s are sultry orbs. The book took itself seriously, but it was too over-the-top for me to do the same. Jul 14, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it Shelves: In my top ten of romance novels.

Jun 13, Kris Rafferty rated it it was amazing. Read this a million times in my teens and twenties. It’s dated now because of societal norms, but wow, I loved this heroine. The hero deserves to be bitch slapped, but he was a sign of the times. And who hasn’t overlooked an overbearing man if we happen to love them?