led the steel wire cable tray revolution. In , Cablofil joins Swifts and Salamandre as a specialist range within Legrand’s market leading cable management. THE FIRST NAME IN WIRE CABLE TRAY. Over 35 years ago, Cablofil invented the concept of wire cable tray and introduced it to the European market. CABLOFIL. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 1, route de Semur Montbard – FRANCE. Tel.: +33 (0) 89 58 Fax: + 33 (0) 89 58

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Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Tray concept based upon performance, safety and bssket three qualities which make Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Tray system preferred by installers. Cablofil adapts to the most complex configurations, baskwt its structure gives maximum strength for minimum weight. The ease of creating fittings, carried out on site, as well as the wide range of unique and universal accessories gives complete freedom in routing combined with exceptionally fast installation.

Locking tabs help secure box to floor panel. This allows for quick and easy installation. Units can be prewired for power. Prewired tary reduce labor costs for field installation. Provides adequate wiring capacity and easily isolates power and communication services. Boxes have several different depth profiles. These profiles allow the end-user to meet different raised floor depth requirements.

Allow the end-user to configure services where they want and need them. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide baasket of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point-of-use.


Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Single and dual compartment low profile raceway design. Provides functionality and flexibility with aesthetics for single or dual service applications.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Over-the-raceway box for and D. Boxes mount over continuous run of raceway base eliminating the need to cut raceway when locating devices. Quick Fit integral faceplate. Provides flush look and ease of installation. Eliminates the need for additional commercial faceplates.

Durable, textured PVC ivory or white baket. Blends with walls and ceilings. Consult factory for special colors. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.

Can be used for communications, computer lines, surveillance systems, fire alarms, outlets, and more. Lightweight and easy to handle.


Saves time and labor costs. Special lengths up to 10′ [3.

For use with and D. Full capacity, aesthetically pleasing fittings provide 2″ [51mm] bend radius. Provides security with access to wiring for changes or additions.

Use a hacksaw or shears to cut raceway which speeds installation. Choice of raceway sizes with full line of fittings and accessories.

Facilitates easy installation of wiring for whatever the job requires: Modular system design, with flexible metal clad cables that plug into each other. Can reuse cabllfil relocate components easily.

Relocation cost is reduced. Pin and sleeve cahlofil design. Provides reliability of cavlofil connections. Allows “First-to-Mate, Last-to-Break” which reduces potential electrical shocks. System components rated for 20 amps and tested to volts. Available in Wire 10ga. Designed for up to six circuit maximum in the wire power applications. Provides a wide variety of labor savings wiring solutions.


Provides a flexible wiring solution for the more demanding workstation power requirements, e. Ensures that there is soid contact between connectors. Will interface with various wire management solutioins: Meets NEC Section c.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Products are suitable for use in air handling spaces and raised floor plenums. Leading manufacturer of innovative, energy efficient and sustainable spec grade lighting and control solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Wire Mesh Cable Tray.

That combination does not exist. Buy American Act Compliance. Buy American Act Status: Buy American Act Compliant. The below “View Specifications Chart” highlights all sizes and finishes available.

Cable Tray- CF Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray.

Wire mesh is smooth and round: Large mesh size 2″ wide by 4″ long: Available in the following finishes: Our live chat assistants are standing by to answer your questions.

Click here to chat today! Chat Is Currently Offline Leave a message here to request a call back from our customer support team. Chat Is Currently Offline Thank you, a representative will be in trah with you soon.