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Switching network part with a protection limit the output voltage of the 5 invention relates to a switched-mode power supply unit with a protection limit of the output voltage and a control device for controlling the kytkintran-transistor, by means of which the DC voltage is connected to the periodic primary of the transformer, wherein the transformer has at least one secondary winding, from which the output voltage is 10 through the rectifier device.

Such a circuit arrangement is known e. In addition, it is known to stabilize the buz90 network sections the output voltage control circuit. The control variable or a system deviation may be 20 to determine the switching network by means of the control winding of the transformer – see. Kytkintransistoria ohjataan ohjaus- ja valvontalait- ‘.

If these known arrangements the switching control circuit fails, the output voltage of the switched-mode power section can get too high values. This will be particularly problematic when the switching network 35 is used in the television receiver power supply. Namely, when the juovapoikkeutuspiirin horizontal deflection stabilized power supply voltage rises at a percentage of a television receiver including a picture tube high-voltage 2 increases in the same proportion, e.

The TV picture is displayed to the viewer in a slightly higher, but sharp, so that the device is normally used on.

X-ray radiation regulations of some countries require therefore reliable protection circuits that prevent reliably run a television receiver picture tube high voltage. For example, a bkz901 transistor BU 15 is used for switching the network part approx. This bipolar transistor operation range limit of V, and the breakdown limit is to V. This means that the output stages are virtually never vikaannu overvoltage 20 due to a false control voltage occurs dangerously high levels of the network portion of the output voltage and hence excessive large tension picture tube and dangerous: The invention is based on the task 25 illustrates the switching network portion of the coupling arrangement in which the output voltage too high increase can be avoided reliably and simply.


This object is achieved in that the switching transistor 30 the avalanche resistant MOS transistor, wherein the switching network portion Ulkoisten vaikutusten, kuten esim. As a result of external effects such as e. DE-patenttihakemuksesta P 37 18 The invention utilizes the datsaheet that the breaking nitehuiput are harmless to stand for avalanche MOS transisto reille, which are known in the art e. DE Patent Application P 37 18 In this case, may occur up to a few amps magnitude of current peaks.

What is important is that 15 the power loss caused by the effect of a restraint will not lead to an avalanche sustainable MOS transistor threshold value to exceed the increase of temperature. Once the voltage peaks occurring in the avalanche-proof MOS tran-transistor have, up to the peak of the kVA area 20 is thus allowed, according to the invention.

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Such an avalanche resistant MOS transistors, for example. The invention will be described in more detail with an embodiment example, with FIG four related.

Datasheett 4 switching network of the avalanche sustainable SIPMOS transistoester drain-source voltage of the case of full limit. Figure 1 shows a typical variation of the voltage switching network of the switching transistor in the load circuit 20 in normal operation in continuous mode.

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If the bipolar transistor used in the switch, reference numeral 4 denotes a bipolar transistor the collector-emitter voltage Uce, or in the case of the MOS transistor to the drain-source voltage UDS.

After switching off the bhz901 transistor datssheet TYY shown in Figure 1 overshoot. UN means against the switching-off peak voltage in normal operation and the switching network part of a predetermined input voltage. When the switching network portion coming in at AC voltage of V is portable.


This is necessary because, as time occurring permissible collector-emitter voltage spike in excess uces destroys bipolar transistor. As a result, implemented by MOS transistors 5-switching network of the design process of the corresponding high voltage reliability.

Figure 2 shows the closure according to the invention, chopper-type network of the embodiment is shown. This is done by dimensioning the transformer rotation speed, the coupling coefficient and back to the oscillation circuit coupling. The following five design the preferred type of barrier as shown in Figure 2 of the switching network components of: R2 8,2 kOhm C2 luF 8.

K176/J56 Output Transistors

Figure 3 shows an avalanche resistant article according to the invention SIPMOS transistor drain-source voltage of 5 The enlarged input voltage. Reference numeral 4 is again shown in 35 of drain-source voltage of normal operation. Appearing in the high cut-off voltage peaks are limited to an avalanche-proof Datassheet transistor in the same manner as in tehozenerdiodissa.

If the high cut-off voltage peaks occur only for a short time catasheet regionan avalanche resistant SIPMOS transistor is not vauroidu.

In addition, it should be noted that the use of hakkuriverk-co-section in accordance with the present invention is not limited to the on-screen devices.

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